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Is Comfyrs Legit (May) Scroll Down For Its Reviews

Is Comfyrs Legit (May) Scroll Down For Its Reviews >> In this article, you read about an e-commerce website dealing with multiple categories and unique range of products.

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays in our lives in this modern world. It has resulted in an increase in commerce done through internet.

 Each day new companies are coming in online marketing platform to attract customers for their products. But this also increases the risk of scam on the internet. So, after reading this article about Comfyrs Reviews, you will get assured Is Comfyrs Legit? 

This website is operated from three countries, that is the United States, Canada, Australia.

This website deals with clothing products, earrings, animal wearing, hats, shoes, necklaces and much more. But before having a look towards buying these products from such websites you should be able to conclude Is Comfyrs Legit?

Is Comfyrs legit?

Comfyrs Reviewsis a new entry to the e-commerce market in the United States, Canada, Australia. This website is less than a month old, which raises a question Is Comfyrs legit? This website deals with multiple clothing items, accessories and animal clothing. 

The reviews are also very unpleasant, which lowers the image of the website in front of its customers.

In regards to its return policy, this website doesn’t accept returns, and by getting a defective product also they only have the replacement policy they don’t process refunds. And this website doesn’t allow any cancellations once you ordered a product you have to take it.

On further investigation, we found that there was no contact number given to contact them and email id that was mentioned in the ‘contact us’ section was also not correct it was a fake mail id. 

The address also signifies that this website is nothing else but a scam.

What is Comfyrs?

Comfyrs Reviews is a new e-commerce website that sells products ranging from clothes to accessories like necklaces, shoes or earrings.

Their main offices are in the United States, Canada, AustraliaThe site claims that Comfrys.com is a good company that offers latest and coolest gadgets.

But when searching for Comfyrs Reviews, we found that the reviews of this website are abysmal, which signifies that this website is made to con people.

To get more information about this website, please read the below specifications.

Specifications of Comfyrs.com

  • Website type: e-commerce website
  • Email: cs@comfyrs.comContact number: not mentioned
  • Shipping time: 3-5 business days
  • Delivery time: express delivery- 5-10 days, Standard delivery 7-15 days.
  • Delivery cost: free standard delivery.
  • Return policy: no returns accepted.
  • Refund policy: no refund provided.
  • Cancellations: no cancellations allowed.
  • Payment gateways: Pay pal, Visa, Master Card, Debit cards.

Pros of Comfyrs

  • This website offers a broad and unique range of product varieties.
  • This site offers multiple payment gateways.
  • This website provides two delivery methods that is express and standard delivery.

Cons of Comfyrs

  • No contact number is given to contact them.
  • The email address was also fake.
  • Comfyrs Reviews was also not uploaded on its official webpage.

Customer Reviews

One of the shortcomings of this website that this website has not uploaded any customer care number on its official webpage and the email address they mentioned also seemed to be fake.

On further investigation, I found that the customer reviews of this website were very unpleasant, and some of the customers have mentioned that this website delivers a different product from which they have shown on their webpage.

Due to a new entry in the online marketplace, nothing is available about the website in the public domain.

Also, this website does not have any social media presence. These facts show a negative image of the website. It’s very difficult to recommend this website.

Final verdict

The article about Is Comfyrs legit is a small step to uncover the scam that is being run in the name of an e-commerce website. This website has shown many points that completely clear that this website is nothing else but a scam. Although the email address provided also seemed to be fake.

There is a negative image of this website on social media, and reviews about the site were also very poor.

Also, the fact that this website is less than a month old it’s hard to trust this site. These type of websites needs to be avoided at any cost, as there are much better and reputed websites available in the e-commerce platform that offers better products at great discounts.

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  1. 8/14/20 We are currently waiting on our package of 6 shirts. It has been 17 days which isn’t horrible if being shipped from another country. However, we have concerns such as the email responses while fairly prompt are coming from Hong Kong! They sent a tracking number the first few days which was for a postal system not familiar to us and then another tracking number for the USPS system (supposedly entered 2 weeks ago) that comes up invalid today 🙁

  2. I think these are the cutest T-shirts I have seen in a long time. I am so sad to read these reviews. I really want to buy the items I have ready to buy in my cart. But, alas, I think I will wait to see what the future holds for these creative adorable shirts and dresses.

  3. I purchased a sweatshirt that was described as 100 0/0 cotton. The label inside the product says 100 0/0 polyester. It doesn’t stretch, and instead of woven cotton pattern is laser printed. The cuffs on the sleeves don’t stretch and as a result don’t fit. I contacted them via email and did get a response. (Seems oriental due to phrasing). They apologized and offered $5 as shipping is expensive and takes so long.

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