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Is Scam {August} Check The Post Now!

Is Scam {August} Check The Post Now! -> Hire painters who hold the expertise and charge you less for your house.

Doing paint jobs around the house can create mess and challenges on the way. Therefore, homeowners hire painters or contractors to complete household reconstruction or renovation jobs. “Is Scam?”- the question is doing rounds on many social media platforms. It is astonishing to believe that a professional contractor can genuinely do a scam after visiting your house.

Canada has many professionals paint contractors who work day and night to serve you. However, some of them are not-so-good in their jobs. Reviews bring a new story behind the whole scam thing to us. We will discuss it in the coming sections. Please read the complete article before trusting this scam.

What is

It is a company that is run by Ken Blackburn Jr. He holds 26 years of experience in painting the walls of a house. You get a one-dollar price quotation for every square foot area. He includes the material cost in the standard charges to be satisfied, and your home is transformed. Many employees are working under their wings and never complained about unprofessionalism.

How are the scam allegations doing rounds in Canada? We have the backstory that will be discussed in the upcoming section.

How the news of scam from emerged?

In July 2020, Zhao contacted to do a paint job on kitchen cabinets. Blackburn visited the house with his employees to complete the painting project. Zhao asked them to sand and cleared the existing paint on the cabinets before proceeding with the paint job. However, Blackburn used a high-quality paint primer and started doing the painting.

As per the home security cameras, Zhao and Blackburn exchanged some words before the contractor, and his employees left the job undone. Zhao, the client, uploaded the video claiming is a scam. The two parties confirm the contract details online, which is bringing a lousy reputation for the company. It is how Is scam? doing rounds on the internet.

Price quotation of

  • One dollar for every square foot including the materials
  • 375-425 dollars for one-bedroom including the paint
  • 500-700 dollars for two bedrooms that include the pant materials

For the rest price listing, you can visit the website.

Customer Feedback Reviews from the previous clients are entirely positive. They are all satisfied with job completion and prices. Apart from Zhao, nobody did negotiate with Blackburn in the past. The customers are delighted with the owner and call him for their upcoming paint-job requirements.

Final Words

The answer to “Is scam” is detailed with the back story. Reviews in Canada are delightful and trustworthy. Blackburn is a professional painter and holds 26 years of experience. He is also connected with organizations that work for underprivileged and homeless people. Overall, he finishes a job, earns money, and share it with the community.

Please tell in the comment section whether Zhao was right or Blackburn!


  1. This painter is a scam based on video footage not opinions, he said he would clean and sand the cabinets he did not do so. I always clean and sand my projects regardless if I’m using oil based paint or not. Sanding is a extremely important step for a smooth paint job. You don’t tell someone you’ll do a job a certain way and then come out don’t do it that way and then get upset when someone calls you out for being a POS.

    1. Hello Mark! Our analysts are unable to fetch details to consider this a scam. Further, we are also delighted to get such a comment based on experience that might is useful for many consumers. Stay Alert & safe!

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