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Is Couldfuid Legit (Dec 2021) Read Authentic Reviews!

Is Couldfuid Legit? The write-up holds enough information that can help you to understand its authenticity. Also, read and figure out its specifications. 

In accordance with a recent survey, the largest portion of global buyers tend to purchase home interiors from online markets. The popularity of online markets is due to the fact that it’s very convenient and people can get a large variety of options to choose from.

In today’s e-com market surge, several companies have come to the internet platform to sell home interior products. Couldfuid is among them, which comes with a large collection of home interior items in the United States

However, Is Couldfuid Legit? Let’s check-

Analyzing Couldfuid Reliability:

To check whether the Couldfuid site is worthy of use or not, you must check the points, which are given below-

  • Trust Index: Following the data, Couldfuid does not include a satisfactory trust point. The score is 1 percent.
  • Location Legality: We don’t know if it’s valid or not, as we could not fetch any address details on the site.
  • Website Age: Its establishment over the e-com market occurred on 13th September 2021.
  • Community Profile: No, we could not fetch its community profile.
  • Domain ID: The site’s ID is couldfuid.com.
  • Feedback: Couldfuid Reviews aren’t posted yet.
  • Operator Identity: The business is owned by Moonlight.
  • Missing Information: Number, office location, canceling facility.
  • Piracy Content: 30 percent of the text is unique and original. The Remaining 70 percent possess similarity and duplicate content.
  • Broken Link: Not obtainable.
  • Modes of Payoff: Multiple systems have been provided.

Hence, there are several criteria that the site failed to meet. So, it could be a suspicious site; however, further checking is needed.

What is Couldfuid?

Couldfuid is an e-commerce furniture store, displaying a comprehensive range of different types of interior for especially the United States buyers. However, Is Couldfuid Legit? The site displays various furniture collections, like Dining & kitchen furniture, Living room furniture, dressing table, swing chair, and Patio gazebo.

The furniture is described pretty well with multiple photos taken from different angles, and product overview, guarantee information etc. Currently, ‘Christmas Big Sale’ is being offered where everyone can purchase any product and save money due to the awesome rebate rate. Moreover, you get the chance to buy 2 quantities of the same at a time. 


  • Site URL: https://www.couldfuid.com/
  • Email Address: service@ttzhanghu6.shop
  • Feedback: Absence of Couldfuid Reviews.
  • Located At: Considering our research and internal record, the authority did not disclose its location.
  • Contact Number: The has not disclosed the number.
  • Cancellation Policy: It’s unavailable.
  • Delivery Details: Two types of shipping are available. The total shipping time is 5 to 20 working days, and it depends on the modes.
  • Shipping Charges: The charges are either 7.99 USD or 12.99 USD based on modes.
  • Refund Details: Refund is given for defective items.
  • Return Process: 5-day time frame has been offered to every consumer.
  • Replacement System: Available, but approval is needed.
  • Is Couldfuid Legit: The site has several suspicious facts.
  • Paying Process: PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express.

Merits of buying from Couldfuid:

  • Couldfuid shows different kinds of home interior.
  • Massive rebate to the ‘Christmas Big Sale’ is running.
  • It has an HTTPS connection.

Demerits of buying from Couldfuid:

  • The site has no details about the return address.
  • The corporate location, cancellation facility, and number are unknown.
  • Custom fee information for foreign shipping is not disclosed.
  • Absence of remarks and profile on social media.
  • Shallow trust point.
  • There is no section to write reviews.
  • The exchange and refund policy is unclear.

Analyzing consumer’s reviews about ‘Is Couldfuid Legit’:

The site has no remarks and ratings on behalf of buyers. We found another suspicious fact is that, on this platform, there is no space to write and rate the product or service. Moreover, we also could not discover any comments over the internet.

Being present over 2 months, the operator has not taken the initiative to build its community on social media. It is confirmed as we deeply researched its presence on social media, but we did not trace anything. So, buying a home interior would be better from the other e-shops. Also, check the steps of how to receive money on Paypal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Couldfuid Legit? Couldfuid has an unfavorable trust point, with the absence of contact number, location details, reviews and social media connection. Plus, it’s a newcomer site, you can find different stores for shopping. Also, read out the methods to receive refunds on credit card scams. Is the above content useful? Please mention below.

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