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Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit (Dec) Check Authentic Reviews!

Please click on this “Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit” article to learn factual legit details. The post contains only the essential details for safe online shopping.

Do you prefer shopping for electronics and domestic machines online or offline? If you prefer it online, you must consider various aspects to ascertain whether the selling website or online seller is legit or not. To give you confidence in your upcoming purchase, we are reviewing a website that sells technologically advanced products today.

Cyber Laws of the United States may be strict, but their loopholes give smooth passage to scammers. Due to this reason, the “Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit?” question is emerging on social media for various purposes. You can continue perusing this article to learn more!

Is Cricutsmart.shop an authentic website? 

We performed extensive research on the below-mentioned points to draft this article to help you make a wise purchase. You can read the following points to learn about our findings:

  • The website was recently created on 29-11-2021.
  • The site’s cyber security certificate is unauthorized.
  • The unauthorized certificate is also valid until 22nd January 2022.
  • The given company’s address takes us in a residential street on Google map.
  • On Reddit, one user claims that Cricutsmart.shop Reviews are taken from Amazon UK store to lure more buyers. 
  • The content on the sites’ returns, terms & conditions, shipping, and other URLs are copied from other online selling websites. 
  • The company does not have any social media network to establish any authenticity.

What is Cricutsmart.shop?

It is an online selling website newly created to sell electronics and other products such as Cricut Mug Press, Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy​, Cricut Explore Air 2, and Cricut EasyPress. You can find exciting deals and discounts on the products for all online purchases. If you are keen to buy from this website, you should first read the “Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit” section.

Specifications of Cricutsmart Shop:

  • https://cricutsmart.shop/ is the website’s URL
  • The online store was created on 29th November 2021.
  • The website’s certificate will expire on 27th January 2022.
  • info@cricutsmart.shop is the website’s customer care email address. 
  • 2161 Green St, CA 93428, Cambria, US is the company’s address.
  • The company takes 1-3 days to ship the orders.
  • It uses USPS and UPS to ship the orders.
  • The company allows free refunds and returns within 15 days of purchase.
  • It gives refunds within 48 hours of return for PayPal transactions.
  • For credit card payments, it takes 7-14 days to process the refunds.
  • A few Reviews are available on the listed products to check Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit or not. 
  • No contact number has been revealed on the website.
  • The company accepts credit card and PayPal payments.

Pros of Buying from Cricutsmart Shop:

  • As per WHO and Trust-rating websites, the company once had an authorized certificate.
  • The products seem to be functional, and the best deals are available on the internet.
  • The shipping and return policy is user-friendly, as the company claims.
  • It processes fast refunds on PayPal and Credit Cards as compared to other online sites.

Cons to check based on Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit

  • Various negative user claims on “”
  • Contact number is not given, and the company’s address is bogus
  • The current cyber security certificate is valid for 28 days.
  • Negative website’s user reviews found on Reddit.

Customer Feedback:

Although the website is new, it has received some negative reviews from the customers of the United Kingdom and others on the trust rating and social media websites such as Reddit. One user claimed that he was trapped into the scheme of Cricut Air Product that cost him a fortune. He is now warning other users to stay away from the Cricut Brand as it has a non-accountable body. So, these Cricutsmart.shop Reviews should never be ignored.

Some buyers claimed that they never received their order refunds even after waiting for a few weeks and we get these reviews on the Reddit website. Therefore, we suggest you read essential details on Scammed Online & Take Action before you go online for shopping.

The Final Statement:

In this post, we have tried to be as elaborative as possible to bring only the factual website details. After discussing everything, we do not need to say anything, but this website is suspicious. Maybe, we should all give it some time to earn its authenticity on “Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit” in the online market, and you must read How to Get a Refund from PayPal If Scammed. Please share your views with us. 

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