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Is Derabox Legit {July 2021} Read Reviews – Safe to Buy?

Is Derabox Legit 2021.

Is Derabox Legit {July 2021} Read Reviews – Safe to Buy? >> After reading this post, you’ll able to check the great review of a multi-product online seller and clear most of your doubts.

Are you looking for stylish new eyeglasses for yourself or kids with a good price range? So, today we will talk about that offers the same things with a good deal.

Derabox is a new online store available in the United States but provides shipping facilities across the world. Derabox has a limited number of quantities, but they are new stylish and good quality products. So, let’s check further about Derabox and also check Is Derabox Legit or not?

Is Derabox Scam or Not?

  • Social Accounts– Not found social media accounts on the internet. 
  • Trust Index – Trust score of this website is just 2%.
  • Domain Age– This website was recently launched (May 26, 2021), therefore blind trusting on this website is difficult
  • Website Popularity– There is 3,136,641 ranking found on Alexa software, shows very less user-traffic.
  • Website Privacy– The website is secured by HTTPS protocol, data is secured.
  • Brand – Derabox
  • Website Page– The website page is not looking professional, seems dubious and not organized.
  • Customer Feedback– No feedback available for the products on the official website.
  • Website Reviews– No website review mentioned on the Trust pilot talking about Derabox Reviews.

What is Derabox?

Derabox is an online store that has recently launched and provides stylish eyeglasses for men, women and kids with good quality products with a good price range. Derabox has a limited variety of stylish products. You can place the order across the world with just a single click, and the order will be received at your sitting comfort.

Derabox offers products that name mentioned below:

  • Retro Alloy Square Frame Eyeglasses
  • Retro Alloy Round Frame Eyeglasses
  • Vintage Kids Anti-blue Light Black Round Eyewear

There is a very limited variety of products available, and there are not any product reviews available.

So, before purchase, take a look into specifications to know Is Derabox Legit or not?


  • URL – Purchase stylish Eyeglasses
  • Email Address-
  • Phone no – (971) 200-1602
  • Address – 3128 Valley creek Drive, Columbus, Ohio, US
  • Return Policy – 30 days return policy.
  • Refund Policy- 30 days refund policy
  • Cancellation Policy- Not mentioned clearly on the official website
  • Shipping Charges- 
  • Not found shipping charges on the official website.
  • Shipping Time-
  • Not mentioned shipping time as well.
  • International deliveries- International deliveries are acceptable.
  • Social Media presence- No media account found.
  • Payment Options – PayPal is available.

Pros suggesting Is Derabox Legit

  • The website is secured by HTTPS protocol.
  • The international order is accepted.
  • PayPal payment option is available.
  • Thirty days return policy available.
  • Free shipping available.
  • Latest stylish eyeglass available.

Cons about Derabox

  • Not found any product reviews.
  • Not mentioned cancellation policy.
  • No debit card or credit card payment option available.
  • Not found any social accounts.
  • The Trust Index is just 2%.
  • The website is just less than one month old.
  • The website is not optimized smoothly.
  • The specification of the website is not mentioned clearly.
  • Not found a trusty website that talks about Is Derabox scam or not?

Derabox Reviews

After analyzing the website, we were unable to find product reviews on the website. Not found any social accounts, although they have mentioned the logo of social accounts on their homepage. Found very low traffic on the Alexa rank. The trust score is just 2%.

The specification of the product like eyeglasses is also very complex to understand. The user interface is not good, and the product is not arranged properly. Although, the product looks very stylish, and of good quality with a good price range.

So, It appears dubious, and we suggest you keep away until you know properly. Is Derabox Legit or not?

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So, we would like to conclude that the website has not any product reviews, has not found any social presence, and has not found any trusty links that talks about Derabox. The overall score of this website is just 2% and on the Alexa rank also there is very low rank due to less traffic. All suggests us that this website is suspicious.

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So, we are really love to know your opinions about Is Derabox Legit or not? Let us add below in the comment section.

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