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Is Ebestever Legit {Jan 2021} Quick Website Review!


Is Ebestever Legit {Jan 2021} Quick Website Review! >> This article will explore a website that claims to deal in fashion products for both genders and figures out whether it is legit or not.

Ebestever Reviews: Fashion is about to anything that becomes the rage among the youngsters. Fashion is all about to express yourself in front of the masses. It mostly appears in shoes, clothing and accessories. In the contemporary world, masses prefer to buy on online stores or websites. Here, we come up with an online shopping website. It deals with males and females fashion products in the United States.

Nowadays, online shopping among the young generation is a trend. They do shop because of its ease like without going anywhere get your products on doorsteps in affordable price or discounts on products.

On the contrary side, online shopping stores with reliable options mostly preferred by online shoppers. But these stores are not genuine most of the time. However, it is suggested to shoppers to check out the website in detail and necessary to find out the answer of the most searched question – Is Ebestever Legit?

Is Ebestever Legit?

The site is just one month and twenty-three days old only and it is recently created in the United States, so it creates dubious for customers. But it has a variety of options available. However, due to the recently created domain, it is not easy to clarify whether the site is legit or not.

Ebestever Reviews have negative aspects on the website, to exemplify; there is not any contact number. Also, the mentioned their physical address, which is misleading. So, the site is regarded as a suspicious one and may be a part of the scam online sites. Hence this answers – Is Ebestever Legit?

A few words about

It is an online shopping store that mainly focused on fashionable products of men and women. This website offers a huge discount of up to 65 per cent along with a new sign up on the website to give an extra discount.

Furthermore, products on the website include shoes of every variety for girls and boys for different occasions. Also, in the dress, it includes cotton shirts and t-shirts for males and females along with party wears for both. 

All products avail at goods discounts with the pocket-friendly expense. However, the size charts are available for every product according to nations wise chart to understand the size of the products.

Kindly know more about the site through Is Ebestever Legit.

Details about

  • The URL link for the website is
  • The huge range of shoes and clothes are available such as boots, flats shoes, handmade shoes, sandals, water shoes, running shoes, canvas loafers, hiking shoes, and many more.
  • Customers can track all their orders by adding the order number as provided by the site.
  • The physical address of this site is Guangzhou Xiaowandou Network Technology Co. Ltd., Unit A135, 90 Qingchuang Community Office, Room 601, No.16 Kehuiyi Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou.
  • The return policy of 30 Days is available to exchange products or refunds.
  • The website has a social media page on Facebook for new arrivals.
  • The website provides shipping time range for minimum 3-5 business days for express shipping and twenty business days for normal delivery. 
  • Online payment options are available on the website such as Pay pal, MasterCard, VisaCard, Apple Pay and American Express.
  • Measurement guide charts are available on the site so that women, girls, boys and men can measure their size and order the product of accurate size

Positive Points of 

  • The products are available at an affordable price with hourly discounts.
  • There is no need to visit the market to get the desired products. 
  • All collections are in high quality and meet the demand of the people according to their needs and taste.
  • Discounts are available on the signup on all shoes and clothes.
  • Return and refund policies are mentioned on the site so, there is no need to worry about money if you are not satisfied with the received product. 

Negative Aspects of

  • The physical address is misleading.
  • There is no contact number available.
  • No reviews or rating of products on the website as well as on the internet.

What do buyers think about  

We found a lot of Ebestever Reviews on the official website, but the reviews are not given on any other site on the internet. Thus, it may be paid or fake. Therefore, we can’t say what customer’s think about the product and services of the website.  

What do we conclude?

After analysing the Ebestever Reviews, we get to know that the site is too new with flaws. Based on the negative remarks of the site, the site is suspicious one and could be a part of the scam sites and it is not good enough from the buyer’s point of view. 

If there is any query related to this site, please do contact us via the comment section below. Kindly make sure to mention all the thoughts.

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  1. Ordered one pair of shoes and my husband loved them. Ordered two more but have not received them not can I track. When can I expect delivery?

  2. I ordered a pair of workboots got the conformation email and nothing since…. Its been 16 days and no response or update on shipping

    1. Ordered a pair of boots 10/15/2020. Paid extra to express ship 3-5 business days. Received no shipping confirmation nor delivery date. Sent 3-4, emails was told they were custom handmade blah blah blah. Did receive a $12.00 refund today 10/24 but still no ship date. I did give them 24 hrs to get a ship/,delivery confirmation or i will file fraud on my account. Seems that something here is very off

  3. Ordered one pair of shoes and they are very comfortable, well made. It took over a month to receive the package but I think I am too accustomed to amazon delivery. I just ordered 4 more pair so I hope the first wasn’t a hook. I used my fraud proof credit card and have 90 days to cancel.

  4. Question… If it’s a 30 day refund policy – is it 30 days from the date of purchase or when it is actually delivered? Makes me wonder about their legitimacy. And are they trying to establish trust with the first order? I almost purchased something so thank you for your feedback!

  5. I ordered a pair of boots back on 10/29/20. It’s been over a month now and still no boots. Tracking order shows package is still sitting in China. This really sucks 🙁

  6. Buyer beware. I ordered one pair of mens shoes in October 2020. I wore them for 3 hours on the day they arrived and one sole cracked across the midsection ruining the shoes. I contacted “customer support” right away and they offered a coupon towards another pair or 20%. The shoes are very poorly made. I did not receive a refund.

  7. I ordered a pair of boots over a month ago. Still no word after stating that they would ship standard shipping 7 to 10 days. I have a strong suspicion that I’ve been had.

  8. I ordered 3 pairs of boots on December 26, 2020 and still have not received anything. I emailed them repeatedly after receiving a message that 1 pair was shipped but no tracking number. They respond intermittently and just say sorry, but I do not think I will be getting anything so they are basically thieves. WHY is this site still in existence since they have ripped so many people off???? I usually always check reviews of a company before ordering, made a big mistake this time as I did not see one review over 1 star for this company. I did report them to the BBB, but see that there are 2 locations listed under this name, one in France and one in China! Of course I would have never ordered from them if I knew this, my bad! But geez, why are there people in the world like this, makes me so mad!

  9. This company its a scam ,y order shoes from them, they take the money and not shoes, they making excuses for everything,I don’t understand why Facebook let this company advertise on the site

  10. It is a scam. One bs excuse after another. Put pressure on the credit card company and don’t agree to withdraw your complaint in exchange for a refund…its just another delay tactic. I ordered on Dec.9th.

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