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Is Legit [Nov] Read Entire Review Now

Is Legit 2020

Is Legit [Nov] Read Entire Review Now -> The website appears to be created as a platform for all-purpose shopping needs and things from house to personal care and toys.

Are you exploring the internet for some good festive purchases for your wardrobe and home? Are you curious to know about Is Legit or not? You will learn all about it in this article.

It looks like any other E-commerce website created to make people lure for its products. It claims to provide the coolest things in all ways and lacks in revealing any specific range of products.

It appears to offer different products dealing from toys, clothes, home, kitchen, and gardening things, to beauty, sports, and even electronic products, etc.

It provides an email along with an incomplete address of the United States; it looks like it is registered from China.

With so many doubts and suspicions, this website lacks to justify its existence and hence a more in-depth insight is a must about it.

Is Legit shopping portal or not? 

There are so many websites revolving selling different products on the internet. So a doubt like Is Legit or not is a very genuine concern of all shoppers. 

The website lacks in any speck collection, although it has a segregated website structure. But it seems it does not have much to sell, further with most of the fake information all over the site along with its phoney promotion saying happy customer numbers.

It certainly looks like a complete scam website to us.

What is

This portal is created for all the shoppers who want to buy anything from personal use things like beauty and care or home needs and household appliances or even kids needed items and toys, etc.

Such website might gain some visitors from the countries like the United States and others.

But a thing that makes the portal suspicious is a lack of reliability by a lot of fake information all over the portal. So Is Legit or not becomes more comfortable to answer by focusing on its loopholes. 

Some specifications in depth about it:

  • Type of Website: It is an all-purpose e-commerce website dealing in home and personal care, beauty, toys, and other needed things.
  • URL:
  • Address: Houston, Texas, USA (incomplete and looks fake)
  • Phone: Not shared.
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping: It does not provide any clarity but assures to ship worldwide though.
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payments through credit cards or PayPal.
  • Refund and Return: It has a 30-day exchange and returns policy applicable to selective things. It lacks in providing explicit policy norms further no Reviews are there to confirm any experiences of others.

Pros of shopping on

  • The portal offers discounts along with worldwide shipping facility.

Cons of shopping on

  • The website lacks any variety in any specific category and looks completely fake in terms of product selling.
  • Based on claiming happy customer number on its site, there are no Reviews available form the consumers.
  • The sections like about us and others look scripted and fake.
  • The lacks reliability and just in every way.
  • It shares no clarity over shipping charges and even returns policy.

What are the thoughts or opinions of customers about

The portal indulges in fake promotion of its site by claiming it has more than 350,000 happy customers. But the truth is there are no firm or real customer reviews found anywhere on the internet.

Instead, there are several reviews available by the portals or in the form of videos that claims it is a scam site. 

It looks nothing less than any fake portal created only for earning by misleading people. The concern Is Legit or not is easy to answer as fake and unreliable by looking at the website’s little details about itself and its products.

Final verdict

Several scam websites are being run by indulging in fake PR strategies and promotions. So the question Is Legit or not might appear tacky in the beginning but once its pros and cons and other specifications are evaluated.

Then the entire things become more clear, and this portal looks nothing more than a fake portal created just three months ago and appears to be registered just for a year at a China-based location.

All such things indicate about an unreliable website, and hence we do not suggest our readers invest their time spooling over it, and any purchase from it is a simple NO NO

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