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Is Famelines Legit (Dec 2021) Read Authentic Reviews!

Before renovating the interiors of your house, you must read this entire article below to find out the answers to Is Famelines Legit at all or not.

Are You looking for some new furniture for your home? Do you want to give your home a look before the festivities? Then the Famelines.com, based in the United States, can be just the right place for you. 

We all want our home to look elegant and fashionable during the festive season when we receive so many guests. But buying new furniture can be a time-consuming affair. So, online shopping has become the most convenient option. But we must find out Is Famelines Legit before indulging in this convenience.

How Far Is the Website Legit?

Before investing our hard-earned money anywhere, we must check all the credentials of that investment option. Hence, the details regarding Famelines.com are as follows.

  • Domain Age: 18 days only
  • Contact Information: Email is the only way to contact as there is no contact number given
  • Address Details: No address is found on the site
  • Trust Index: 1%, which is an awful trust score
  • Website’s Originality: the amount of duplicate data on the site is minimal
  • Date of Registration: 23-11-2021
  • Customers’ Reviews: very few Famelines Reviews are seen on the site
  • Payment Details: PayPal and card payments are accepted
  • Owners’ Identity: No information is available
  • Alexa Rank: No rank on Alexa
  • Policy Details: Policies are not clearly stated
  • Social Media: Not present

The website’s reputation doesn’t look impressive, and all the details indicate that it is not trustworthy.

All About the Website

This e-commerce portal seems to be a third-party website. It sells products from another store named Home Depot, but it is not the official website of this store. In fact, no connection is yet found between the store and the website, which makes us wonder Is Famelines Legit?

However, its product offerings are also very limited. Their collection includes a few dressers, bistro sets, porch swings, etc. If we talk about the price, it seems to be rather cheap than reasonable.

Website Specifications

  • Link Address of the Site: https://famelines.com/ 
  • Address: The site does not provide any address
  • Contact Number: There is no contact number present on the site
  • Email Address: Customerservice@teheh.com 
  • Portal Type: This is a third-party e-commerce portal selling furniture 
  • Working Hours: Not mentioned
  • Served Area: The website provides delivery worldwide
  • Shipping Policy: The website has two methods for shipping – Standard shipping and Express shipping
  • Famelines Reviews from Customers: There are very few reviews available on the official site
  • Shipping Cost: Variable charges are applied as per chosen shipping method
  • Return Terms: A return period of 5 days is offered
  • Return Fees: Handling fees may be applied based on the cause of return
  • Exchange Policy: Not clearly stated on the website
  • Cancellation Policy: There is no mention of any such information
  • Available Methods for Payments: The website accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.
  • Social Accounts: The website has no official accounts on social media

Are the Pros Enough to Answer Is Famelines Legit?

  • All the products contain a detailed description
  • The prices are very much affordable
  • Worldwide delivery is possible

What are the Cons?

  • The return period is too short
  • The return procedure is complicated and not safe
  • The site is missing policy details
  • Only two modes of payment are present
  • The website’s popularity is unknown
  • Available reviews do not look to be reliable

Where to Look for the Customers’ Reviews?

The matter of reviews for this e-commerce portal is a bit complicated. On the official website, a few products have some reviews from some customers, but they are minimal in numbers and not enough to answer Is Famelines Legit or not. We can’t even call them proper reviews as there is no detailing available on the quality of the furniture or the service of the portal.

We couldn’t find any review from the social media as the website is not active on any social networking platform. Hence, we would suggest that you learn Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam.

Final Thoughts

Not even a single aspect of the website portrays a positive reputation for it. The answers and facts that we have received through our research about Is Famelines Legit suggest that it is not a safe website, and to protect yourself, you must learn how to Get Your Money-Back from Scammers. Share your views on this matter in the comments.

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