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Is Ghrouf Legit (Jan 2022) Get Reliable Reviews Here!

Please peruse this write-up to answer your question Is Ghrouf Legit concerning an online store that deals with various household accessories and kids’ items.

Do you want to buy good-quality wheel dollies for your car? Are your children asking for a stair slide from you this new year? Have you heard of expandable furniture and want to use them at your residence? Then, please read this report without further ado and get all details.

In this article, we have mentioned facts about a website that has gained the attention of shoppers from several nations, like the United States. So please read this composition to address your query Is Ghrouf Legit.

Is Ghrouf Genuine?

We have mentioned below some points about this website that will clarify your doubts regarding its genuineness. Therefore, please go through them before buying products from this portal.

  • Website Trust Score – 2%, which falls under the grouping of a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Website Age – This website is only a week old, as its creation date is 21 December 2021.
  • Alexa Rank – The Alexa database has not allotted any rank for this website yet. This fact is indicative of the portal’s newness and almost no traffic. 
  • Customer Reviews – Few products on this website have some Ghrouf Reviews, which mostly praise the item. However, some of the reviews are dated November 2021, which is before the website launch date. Thus, the authenticity of these reviews is dubious.
  • Social Media Connection – There is no social media linking on the subject portal.
  • Contact Information – The website lacks any contact point of its owners.
  • Absence of Policies – The developers have not provided any policy on the website, such as shipment, return, refunds, etc. Furthermore, the terms and conditions and privacy policy are missing.

The above particulars strongly suggest that this website is dubious. However, we cannot proclaim Is Ghrouf Legit as it is a recently launched site and may be under construction.

What is Ghrouf?

Ghrouf is an e-commerce store that provides various types of utility accessories. These include table saws, hydraulic wheel dollies, expandable coffee tables, electric warmers, swivel chairs, trimmers, etc. There are some products for kids as well, like stair slides, battery-powered wheels, electric cars, and so on. 


  • Portal Type – An online e-commerce website that deals with utility accessories and kids’ products.
  • Portal Address – https://ghrouf.com/
  • Contact Details – No contact address, telephone number, or e-mail address is available. (This is a crucial fact regarding Is Ghrouf Legit). 
  • Sort By – Present
  • Filter By – Absent
  • Shipping Details – It is mentioned along with the product descriptions that shipping is free worldwide and may be delayed due to the pandemic.
  • Return and Refund Policies –The product description page mentions that customers shall receive a full refund if they inform about it within thirty days from delivery.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service – Absent
  • Social Media Linking – Absent
  • Payment Options – Apple Pay, credit or debit cards of Visa, American Express, etc.
  • Products’ Price – Provided in USD.


  • The developers have provided the working videos of the products.
  • The product descriptions are elaborate.

Disadvantages Confirming Is Ghrouf Legit

  • The developers have not mentioned any contact details like address or telephone number. Thus, buyers have no option to contact the customer care team.
  • The portal lacks social media connection.
  • None of the policies like terms and conditions, shipping details, return and refunds, etc., are available on this website. Whatever details we fetched were from the product descriptions’ pages.
  • Customers will find it difficult to trust this platform as it is very recent, in addition to the absence of essential policies and information.
  • Currently, there are limited products on the portal.

Ghrouf Reviews

None of the significant review forums like Reddit, Trustpilot, or Quora, contain the name of this website. This indicates that shoppers have not trusted this website to buy from it and post their reviews. However, we found customer feedback about some products on the website. Notwithstanding, we are unsure about their authenticity as the review dates are before the website’s release. Thus, please know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal before indulging in such new sites.

The Final Verdict

Our research suggests that this website is dubious. However, we cannot declare Is Ghrouf Legit as the website is new and could be underdeveloped. Thus, please read the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card to be alert. Also, you may like to know about hydraulic machines and their work.

Please share your feedback about this website below.

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  1. they show a 3 wheel cart with man driving but they show a 4 wheel cart being put into a car. and shounds like the battery is a seperate item.

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