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Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit {Nov} Read The Reviews

Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit 2020

Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit {Nov} Read The Reviews -> Match with the time and jump to this electrifying Hoverboard.

Want a kick in your life to make your life happening? Are you rid of living a dull and pale life? Want to experience some thrill? This time we are going to introduce you all to an electrifying product. 

Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard is a hoverboard which is a dream come to true for every child, whether school going or a college student. It has gained its name and fame from the United States

Today we are going to deal with every aspect of this Hoverboard by running over the Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Reviews and would examine all its legitimacy points. 

Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit?

Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard is specially designed for the children who serve as a tool to quench their thirst for fun. It provides full safety measures and is sold worldwide.

You can avail of it either on Amazon or on Walmart, which assures you of its legitimacy. It is available at an affordable price and seems to be legit. 

As per the information, we can gather about its legitimacy, we find it good with no authenticity flaws. Answering the question Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit, so yes, it is entirely Legit. 

What is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard?

It is a perfect vehicle for college students to ride on. It is built with all the necessary safety equipment and a brawny dual motor, which is capable of a range of 7 mph to a 12-mile range.

The range, as well as the speed of this Hoverboard, are quite lovely, along with the affordable price. It takes 4 hours of charging time. It is embedded with all safety measures. It is also resistant to water. 

It also exhibits the feature of LED lights in front for full visibility in the low light areas. It also comes up with a warranty.

Let’s further move in our discussion and find out Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit?

Specifications of Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard 

  • Top speed of the Hoverboard: 7 MPH
  • Warranty policy: Warranty is available for 120 days
  • Weight of the product: It weighs 22.5 lbs
  • Range of the product: Its capacity is 12 miles
  • The wheel size of the Hoverboard: It has 6.5 inches of wheel
  • Charging time required: It takes 4 hours to get charged.
  • The battery used: 36V 4.0 Ah Li-ion.
  • Weight Limit of the product: 220 lbs

Pros of the Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard 

  • This Hoverboard is very easy to handle, as it does not have massive property.
  • It is very convenient because it can travel for 10 to 15 miles in a single go.
  • It is very cost friendly as it is proffered at a very minimal and economical price.
  • It does not exhibit any transportation charges as other vehicles do. 
  • It is also an eco-friendly product as it emits no smoke while in process.

Cons of Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard 

  • It is prone to accidents. Many incidents happen when an owner falls off from it.
  • There are chances of its exploding. Many cases of the explosion of batteries due to overheating have arrived.
  • It doesn’t possess Bluetooth function and cannot be controlled by your phone.
  • These are not easily accessible in all places.

What are consumer reviews about the Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard? 

Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit ? We got some mixed customer reviews about the Hoverboard. It serves as a gripping tool for children and is doing well amongst them. Customers find it a perfect gifting item. Its safety measures and fashionable body attracts the customer the most. 

But on the other hand, few customers find it low in its quality and short life span. Even customers find its customer services awful and are not satisfied and happy after its purchase. 

Customers recommend thinking once before spending your hard-earned money.

Final verdict

It is doing well in the market as it has become the trend amongst college students to ride on this Hoverboard. It provides the best and modish body, along with the LED lights for better visibility.

It has full proofed safety measures and a commendable speed and range. It is offered in different colors and that too at a very affordable price. It is lightweight and easy to ride. 

It serves as a perfect hoverboard for all kinds of riders, whether it be about its speed, color, comfort, or safety. It proves to be best for a college student who wants more thrill to get around the college campus. 

In the end, getting a positive answer to Is Hover 1 Nova Hoverboard Legit is all about. Though it’s not best, it turns out to be best for its prices and beginners.

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