Is Ian Huntley Still Alive (June) Let Us Know Here!

Is Ian Huntley Still Alive (June) Let Us Know Here!

Is Ian Huntley Still Alive (June) Let Us Know Here! >> This article talks about the recent hoax with detailed research on the person’s life and death.

If you keep a tab about the Soham Murder Case, you would not be unaware of who Ian Huntley is. A case that took place in the United Kingdom had been in the news for quite some time. However, the accused of the case is back in the news.

Social media platforms and internet forums are stormed with questions like Is Ian Huntley Still Alive? So, we decided to conduct detailed research and bring to you complete information to get rumours off-air, leaving no room for error or fake news. Thus, please read the complete article to know more.

Who is Ian Huntley?

Ian Huntley was convicted in 2003 under murder charges. He was the caretaker at the Soham Village located in East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Ian was convicted for a dual murder case in 2003 and thereby sentenced to two terms of imprisonment by the law.

Coming to Is Ian Huntley Still Alive, the rumours have been rife from the time he got imprisoned. Thus, we decided to research why is Ian Huntley trending on social media to bring complete detail to our readers.

What happened to Ian Huntley?

It is not the first time that Ian Huntley has been in the news. As per the sources, in the year 2003, he had hit the headlines for going into a coma following a suicide attempt in prison. Again, as per sources, he had taken an overdose of antidepressants, thereby attempting suicide. As a result, he was in a coma when brought to the hospital.

Is Ian Huntley Still Alive?

Following the news of his suicide attempt, news about his death started to flood on the internet. However, he soon came out of a coma, and as per sources, he is still alive.

On another occasion, as per sources, Ian has received his vaccination in prison. However, we do not know if the news is relevant or not. Based on the latest news, Ian Huntley is alive and not dead, serving his term of punishment in prison.

Where is Ian Huntley Now?

Ian Huntley is currently serving his two life imprisonment sentences at the County Durham after being proven guilty for the murders. However, Is Ian Huntley Still Alive; as per a fact check done through research, the answer is, he is alive and not dead.

As per sources, he is isolated from other prison mates following a row with the staff members.

Final Conclusion

Ian Huntley, who worked at Soham Village, has constantly been in the news for his conviction, health and suicide attempt that he committed in prison. Following these, there has been a constant hoax on the internet with readers wanting to know recent updates about his life and death.

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