Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Checkout Details Here!

Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Checkout Details Here!

Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Checkout Details Here! >> The article has a detailed description of the organization with social handles and fundraising in Covid for oxygen.

Have you heard about what IMANA Medical relief did recently? You don’t have the whole information about the news. 

As you all know, the thing in the news spreads like fire. Don’t worry; this article has brought up the topic for giving the details to you.

Today’s article is on- Is Imana Cares Fraud The news of the act done by Imana is spreading Worldwide

Please keep reading to know about the IMANA organization to clear your queries.

What Is Imana Cares?

Imana Cares is a medical helping organization. IMANA stands for Islamic Medical Association of North America. Have you seen some video regarding the fraud actions of IMANA, and you are wondering- whether Imana Cares Is Real Or Fake? Don’t worry, stick to the article. It has everything about Imana Cares.

Imana Cares is the Instagram handle of the organization. IMANA is one of the biggest medical groups that are based on faith or religion. It was founded in the year of 1967. 

Why It Has Been In the News 

It has been noticed that due to the covid cases, some countries are relapsing due to the new mutant. In such a situation, a website reported that IMANA sent oxygen to the country having an oxygen crisis, India. 

But people are wondering – Is Imana Cares Fraud. It is a valid enough question; the article has a complete description of the organization. Imana Cares is their social media (Instagram) handle that has posted a link for fundraising of oxygen cylinders. It has also been seen that the instagram handle has posted a picture to fundraise for the country in the oxygen crisis.

Reason Of Suspiciousness

People nowadays reported more frauds as compared to the previous times. Also, people donating wants to see where the money is going. There have been cases when fundraisers are found as scammers.

Imana Cares Is Real Or Fake

After researching thoroughly, the following points are found-

  • Social Media Presence- Impressive enough, it is visible on Facebook, Instagram etc., having followers of approx. 4600 and 36.2k, respectively.
  • Trust Score- Trust score of the site has 96%.
  • Name of the campaign – “Help India Breathe.”
  • Transparency- People are questioning about the money; they need a certified proof for the donations.
  • Comments On Post- The comments on the post of the campaign, people are commenting and claiming the campaign to be a fraud.

If you want to know whether it is a scam or not, please click here to know more


In the final verdict of the article – Is Imana Cares Fraud, the organization seems suspicious. The Imana has sent oxygen, and the news has covered it. Though the trust score is also good, some negative comments and one video claim fraud. Readers are advised to be safe before donating. Have you seen any article about-? Do you want to know more about Imana Cares Fund, click this to get more details.

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