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Is John Cena Still Alive 2021 (Dec) Confirm The Facts!

Is John Cena Still Alive 2021 (Dec) Confirm The Facts! >> Please read this article to discover the alive status of a famous wrestler and reveal some facts about his personal and professional life.

Do you trust unverified online links for news and other information? Are these reliable and correct?

Recently, the death of John Cena has been hyped by one of these unverified links in the PhilippinesThis has led to multiple searches for Is John Cena Still Alive 2021We bring you the clarifications for the same below.

Going for unverified links to get information can land you in the troublesome state as they have no proof for their content. We always thus recommend our readers to go for the trusted ones.

Who is John Cena?

He is one of the most renowned professional American wrestlers, a reality star and a film actor. He began his wrestling career back in 2004 as the face for WWE. He has been accomplished with 25 times WWE champions, $ times world tag team champion and five times US champion.

Let us check more facts to know that Is John Cena Still Alive 2021.

The celebrity was born back in 1977 on 23rd April in West Newbury. He is a sibling of four brothers and went to the Central Catholic High School and Crushing Academy. He is a graduate of Spring field in 1998 and has been a part of his college football team.

Details About his Career:

John Cena debuted in professional wrestling in 1999 with UPW, the Ultimate Pro Wrestling. He is also the winner of the Heavyweight UPW title in 2000. Is John Cena Still Alive 2021 confirmed, and the celebrity also works as a rapper and actor?

 He left UPW back in 2001 and further continued with the face of WWE in 2002. The wrestler has also defeated the Big Show back in 2004 and was crowned with royal Rumble Champion in 2008 ad 2013.

You Can’t See Me was his debut album released by Columbia Group and WWE Music Group in 2005. It recorded and remained in 15 ranks in the billboard 200 and 3rd rank in the Rap Album chart.

Is John Cena Still Alive 2021?

The celebrity is only 44 years old and is still alive. He is serving as the professional actor and wrestler.

About his personal life:

John Cena is the Canadian-French, English descendent. He is the highest-paid wrestler in WWE and has the net worth to be estimated at around $55 million. As per the reports published by Forbes, his 2016-year earnings were around $8 Million. He was married to his girlfriend in 2009 and was divorced in 2012.

Final Verdict:

Is John Cena Still Alive 2021 confirmed from verified sources, and the answer to this is yes. HE is still alive and is actively serving as the best wrestler that is John Cena. To know more about his career and personal life, you can head.

Are you satisfied with the information given? Have we missed out on some related fact? To help us with your reviews, in the comments section below.

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