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Is Karastar Legit {Nov} Read Market Chart To Decide!

Gaming Tips Karastar

A newly launched crypto helps investors to share $500K With a hundred percent Winning Rate. In this article, you will come to know – Is Karastar Legit.

Did you know that Karastar wants to cover the ecology? Therefore they erected the unique pet elaboration system to limit the force of UMY commemoratives. The battle system is a turn-based card game in which the player’s goal is to destroy all adversaries in front of his pet’s unit. The player must strategically play his skill cards to lessen his chances of winning.

For Investors from the Philippineswe bring information about Is Karastar Legit?

What is KaraStar?

KaraStar, as a decentralized finance and non-fungible blockchain token game, has a largely believable smart contract system. All deals are open and transparent, anyone can pierce game data and pet data on the blockchain, and players’ means are entirely in their hands.

How does KaraStar NFT work?

To increase the value of KaraStar, a fee is charged from the creators. UMY is the in-game currency of the game, which increases as the players advance in the game. 

KaraStar is more than a game, and you can imagine KaraStar as a nation with a real economy. For investors, it is important to know Is Karastar Legit as it’s veritably collectible due to the genes of good-looking appearance, glowing or transformable appearance, and so on.

KaraStar is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) supported card game with 2 modes: PVP and PVE. In PVE mode, players must explore the dungeon and master wild monsters with faves to unleash new situations. Different situations are awarded, and the advanced the position and the more delicate the position, the different prices you admit.


The team included a Singapore based design unit headed by Zynga as founder, top game developers, as well as leading blockchain experts with more than ten years of working experience and Wall Street fine actuaries.

Price Statistics to know Is Karastar Legit: 

  • KARA Price – $0.000000408792
  • KARA Liquidity – $3,322.59 (0.00%)
  • 24h Low / 24h High – not provided
  • 7d Low / 7d High – not provided
  • All-Time High – not provided
  • All-Time Low – not provided

Price changes:

  • Changes for 24h – 0.00%
  • Changes for 7d – 0.00%
  • The statistics for price change are unavailable as KaraStar was launched just three days ago.

KaraStar market:

  • Trading Volume 24h – $3,758.215
  • Transactions 24h – 22 (0.00%)

KaraStar Supply:

  • Date Deployed – Nov-07-2021 18:02 GMT
  • Total Supply – 1,000,000,000,000 KARA
  • Circulating Supply to check Is Karastar Legit – 1,000,000,000,000 KARA
  • Market Cap – $408,792.275
  • Volume / Market Cap – 0.92%
  • Holders – 636

KaraStar price predictions:

  • As KaraStar was launched three days ago, the price predictions are unavailable.

How to buy KaraStar:

  • First, create a metamask account.
  • Registered metamask users can sign-up on the KaraStar website using metamask or email address (or)
  • Log in to the KaraStar app using wallet/email.
  • After you create an account, the website will redirect you to the dashboard.
  • Click on the Marketplace and filter the KARA characters on sale with low/high price, low/high IDs.
  • Know about Is Karastar Legit in the next section. Click on the KARA you want to buy
  • On the next page, the website will display the contact address of the seller and other details.
  • Click on – Buy now button to purchase KARA.


1Q. What is the official address to buy KaraStar?

Ans. 0xA59fA1fdDB9115b2d09DE8FF95ac40940FF347E6 is the official contact address


KaraStar started on November 5th. Players get points by completing tasks on the sanctioned website. The earned points can be redeemed for USDT in commemoratives and NFT Treasure Boxes, with a 100 palm rate! It is advisable to invest in small amounts initially. Is Karastar Legit? The answer is YES; it is legitimate.

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