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Is Keenwalk com Legit {Nov 2020} Checkout The Reviews Now!

Is Keenwalk com Legit {Nov 2020} Checkout The Reviews Now! -> It is an online website that sells high-quality shoes, boots and sandals at a 50% off discount.

Do you love to add on new shoes into your collection? Then you ought to check out the keenwalk com. If you are planning to buy the shoes and sandals from the website, then you need to check out 

Is Keenwalk com Legit or scam.

Currently, the website is focussing on the market of the United States.

Kindly check out the Keenwalk com Reviews here, as you will be going to collect lots of information about the company.

Do you think keenwalk com is a legit place for buying good quality shoes?

There are a lot of people in the world who are crazy about buying top quality shoes and sandals. But as we all know, there are a lot of scamming websites coming up these days, but we cannot trust all. There are certain factors on whose basis we have classified Is Keenwalk com Legit.

  • The website should have a well-furnished About Us page.
  • The website must have mentioned the owner’s details, contact number and its valid address. 
  • The age of the website should be more than six months.

After checking it from all the perspectives, we did not find this website a relevant one.

What is keen walk com?

Keenwalk com is an online shopping portal where you can buy shoes and sandals in various designs. The company offers 50% off on the significant products. 

The company provides an order tracking facility where the payment mode is going to be Paypal. 

List the specifications of the keenwalk com.

The specifications of the keenwalk com are:

  • Website: keenwalk com
  • Order Tracking Facility: Available
  • Products: Boots, Sandals, Casual Leather Boots, Sneakers, Wedges, Lace Up Sneakers, Crisscross sandal shoes
  • Shipping Process: It will take around 5-10 days to ship the products
  • Delivery Timing: You need to wait for 2-4 weeks to get your products at your doorstep
  • Contact Details: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)

What are the benefits of buying from keenwalk.com?

The benefits of buying the products from keenwalk.com are:

  • You will get a new variety of shoes here.
  • The company gives free shipping services to all the buyers whose order value exceeds $50.
  • The company will send you a new pair of footwear in case you received the damaged pair of shoes, sandals and boots.
  • You will get 6 hours to cancel your order in case you do not want its delivery.
  • The prices of all the footwear are also highly affordable.

What are all the disadvantages of buying shoes from keenwalk.com?

The disadvantages of buying shoes from keenwalk.com are:

  • The website came into existence just a few days back.
  • The contact details of the owner and valid physical address of the company are missing on the website.
  • The website looks suspicious as there are several ratings of the products mentioned on the website. But the question that arises here is how it is possible as the website has got registered just a few days back.

What are the customer’s reviews for keenwalk.com?

The website sells a variety of shoes, boots and sandals on its website. Therefore, by seeing its type, we tried to dig out more information about the website as we checked how the customers responded after buying the footwear from this website. After reviewing the homepage of the website, we found that the website has posted five-star ratings of the product. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have talked about an online shoe selling company that sells a classic range of fantastic footwear. Products like Boots, Sandals, Casual Leather Boots, Sneakers, Wedges, Lace Up Sneakers, Crisscross sandal shoes can be bought from this website in the United States.

The website looks suspicious as there are several ratings of the products mentioned on the website. But the question that arises here is how it is possible as the website has got registered 10 days back. Therefore while checking Is Keenwalk com Legit we found that this website is highly suspicious and belongs to the scam category. 

It is better for you to look for those companies that has created good reputation in the market and are widely famous among people.

Kindly share your Keenwalk com Reviews with us, if you too had bought anything from this website.

0 thoughts on “Is Keenwalk com Legit {Nov 2020} Checkout The Reviews Now!

  1. They offered me a 40% refund or send back to China which is very expensive. Shoes came from Texas. Why can’t I send back to Texas? The return policy is not worth the paper it’s written on.

  2. Terrible!!! Stay away from keenwalk!!! SCAM!!! My shoes i ordered were PLASTIC and GLUED together!!!!! I paid almost $70 for them!!!!! Total RIPOFF!!!!!

  3. I purchased boots from Keenwalk. Poor quality. No receipt or any paperwork in shipping bag, just boots crammed in a shipping bag. I have “returned to sender” paying the postage but their website just is a loop w/o any real link.

  4. Total scam. Infereior quality shoes, nothing like the picture. Will not provide a full refund during first 10 days as described on website. Do not buy from them!

    Not affiliated with Keen what so ever.

  5. i tried to exchange them that they said I could do, but still have not sent me any information. Their store address is in Delaware so I purchased from them. Package came from California. Now they don’t respond with exchange information so I can move forward. I will never buy again from any company like this. Saw the ad on Facebook

  6. I HAD THE EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE as the purchaser above (Kathleen). In fact, BEFORE I purchased The shoes I had an email exchange with a customer service representative named “Mary Jane” and told her I wanted it in an email that there would be no trouble exchanging if I was not satisfied. This is a quote directly from her: “ If you do not like our products we will let you return to get a full refund.” Strangely, her email is support@gaztino.com. Under the name of Gaztino Support Team.
    Shame on me for not researching “Gaztino.” My next step is to contact PayPal to see if I can get my money back.

  7. Keenwalk sent me a product on time, but it was a horrible, cheesy product for the price paid. They say that you can send back for a full refund, if you send it back within 2 weeks, but they don’t give an address or any customer support for that. I’ve emailed them (the only contact given) several times, and they don’t return my email. So I’m obviously not going to get the shoes back within their required time window. They came from some place called Fulfillment Center, in a plastic bag with no box. I don’t think this place is legit.

  8. i just checked with the order confirmation they sent, and they are calling it Keenawalk, with an A between the Keen and walk. I am fairly certain it’s the same company however.


  10. They’re horrible! I not only don’t like the shoe I ordered but it is way too small and I have emailed them 4 times with how to return but absolutely no response from them! I would never ever buy from them again!

  11. DO NOT BUY. THE SHOES ARE CRAP! They are not leather as promised and they do NOT guarantee anything. They will rip you off.

  12. I just received a pair of sneakers. No box, no paperwork. They are cute, but not worth nearly $60. I’d say they’re almost as good as Keds. I had hoped to use them for exercise walking. Don’t think so. They’re a shade small, not the company’s fault. I won’t even try to return, after reading the reviews. I did receive email updates on their delivery, which took less than 3 weeks. OK deal, but I would not recommend. I also saw the ad on Facebook.

  13. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes on 9-12-20 I haven’t heard anything and cannot find a number to get anyone. I did find an email address and sent 2 messages about my problem and no one has returned any message to me. I sure hope the day my charges show up for my credit card history that it won’t be on there. After reading the reviews this must be a scam.

  14. I have NOTICED.. That all these Complaint’s. are all in Sept.. I ordered the Brown Waterproof Boot’s for 67.00.. I received them with a White Scratch on the Rt. Boot, they were
    to small.. and the Color was a Bronze, not a Dark brown like in the Picture.. False Advertising. I have Sent Numerous Email’s to MARY ANN.. and they said they found my
    Email’s in the SPAM BOX.. Wrong !! I have Emailed them almost every day.. They just Ignore you. They are NOT Legit Company. Scamming off American’s and NOT refunding
    our Money. You have NO Address, and NO Phone Number… They need to be PUT out of Business… So. loosing 67.00 is a lot of money these day’s… REPORT THESE CROOK’S
    TO THE BBB.. IF enough people report them they will be JAILED… CHINA OR NO CHINA..

  15. Total Scam – only wanted to exchange shoes – not refund. When offered refund, I must send back to China. Never buy from this company

  16. Company is a SCAM! I regret to say my experience is much like others who commented on this site. Bought pair of boots after being bombarded by ads on FB. Big mistake!!! Boots were NOT as advertised so immediately contacted company. Plastic! Glued together! Was told they would NOT refund money although their website states “100% money back guarantee”. Then company began to send emails first offering me 1/4 the money I paid, as a refund. The next email was an offer for half the cost of the shoes. I contacted PayPal to open a dispute. I do not know if it will do any good but this company is ripping consumers off and should not be able to do business and PayPal should be aware of scam companies who are using PayPal to get their payments. Although the return address on the package was West Covina, CA and their website indicates the business is at same address, I was informed by company in order to get my full refund I would need to return boots to southeast Asia. This is the scam, people! No one is going to mail shoes/boots to China or southeast Asia and the operators of this business know that. They are making millions of dollars selling inferior products, pasting and cutting the same pictures and descriptions of their products from one website to another and then playing a shell game to avoid having to return dissatisfied customer’s money.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Check out my review – I am furious!!!! I will have them removed – I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission, as I will be their worst nightmare!!

  17. To what address do I send a return item?
    Return address on pkg ( in VERY small print ) CNE, 3832 Rockfield BLVD, Lakeforest, CA 92630.

    I should add that the original tracking # given to me showed my order delivered to Windsor, CA, though my address was clearly shown on the invoice – wrong address, wrong state. After several attempts, I was notified that they gave me the wrong tracking # and provided a different one.


  18. Horrible PLASTIC shoes….very falsely advertised. Will not refund my $67. Total scam. Stay away from this company They should be investigated and put out of business. FRAUD!!!


  19. is there any recourse? I had same experience. no info on how to send them back. website doesn’t provide any phone #. Theyre cheap & run very small. I don’t usually spend that much on a pair of shoes, but thought since they were totally refundable, thought they would be worth it to have really comfortable shoes. How can facebook allow this company to scam so many people? Should I just trash them & forget about it? My bad for not investigating. Assumed being on facebook would be legit.

  20. Absolutely miserable experience. This boot is horrendous!! Nothing like the one in their photo. It is awful plastic! When I tried to get them to honor the guarantee they post in their ads (“We want you to be 100% satisfied with products you buy from us. If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer an iron-clad money back guarantee”), they won’t do it. They also claim they ship from OHIO (NOT CHINA) but if you want to return, they make you pay for shipment to CHINA, at your cost, and will then refund after they receive product. Everything they have claimed is a lie. I would not believe they would ever refund money. Don’t buy anything from this despicable business.

    1. Check out my review – I am furious!!!! I will have them removed – I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission as I will be their worst nightmare!!

  21. Worst company and product ever! total false advertising and cheap, cheap, cheap product. They do not honor their 100% guarantee and try to force you to send the product back to Vietnam! I sent the boots back to the return address they came from….and apartment in West Covina California, and they kept fighting me saying I had to send the boots back to Vietnam and then I would receive the refund. These boots are worth about $5.00, they are made of vinyl not leather, with glue coming out of the seams and horrible smelling. Such junk! Anyways, I fought them long and hard and kept all documentation, and paypal decided in my favor and issued me a full refund. Thank you Paypal, I have renewed faith in you!

  22. I wanted a refund and contacted Paypal and this is the response

    “What should you do?
    To receive the refund, you’ll need to initiate the return shipment and upload the tracking information in the Resolution Center before November 27, 2020. We suggest you retain a copy of the shipping label to verify the address of the recipient. If needed, we may ask you to provide this document later.

    The item has to be sent to the following shipping address:

    34a/56 Vu Van Hieu, Ha Tu Ha Long, Quang Ninh 200000 VN

    The returned merchandise must be in the same condition as when you received it and you’re responsible for any costs associated with the return. If you’re shipping internationally, mark “Returned Cargo” on the outside of the package to avoid tax charges.”


    “Katty” (a faux person, like “Lily” who works for PHAM THI QUYNH HOA, I am sure) sent me a message that said they will pay back 30% and I can keep the shoes. I am so pissed off that I want a full refund no matter what it takes to get these crappy shoues back to them! I am furies to have been FOOLED by their website! NEVER AGAIN!!!

    All this said, I will bet you, 5-1 that the merchandise never gets there of that it was damaged and hence I won’t get refund. Just watch – you will hear from me again!!

  23. Put these people out of business – I am sick and tired of being scammed and I am sure you are as well. Take a moment and contact the Federal Trade Comision or any other place to file a complaint. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  24. I definitely wish I had read these comments before I ordered a pair of booties that looked super cute online but in reality, they are crappily manufactured plastic with no label, no size anywhere no “made in ____” and a shipping address in CA. They are way too small and they won’t refund, just replace with something else which I suspect will be equally as crummy. Lesson learned…I will stick with stores/brands I know from now on. If I have to pay to send them to China as one person suggested, then I will be donating them to Goodwill.

    1. I got the same result! I donated mine and hopefully someone will fit them. They are truly garbage shoes and I will never order online from anything other than a company that is guaranteed returns. I am filing complaints with the BBB. I don’t know how they got accreditation from the BBB in the first place.

  25. SCAM! Terrible shoes, and was offered 30% refund only if I promised not to contact PayPal about my experience. The stuff is made in CHINA and barely resembles what is ordered. Don’t waste your money!!

  26. I got ripped off for $108 and received two pairs of the same shoes! Filed a complaint with Chase Bank and they never resolved it; I sent numerous documents to Chase and they still found in the seller’s favor. I told Keenwalk the complaint was resolved in their favor and they Still have not refunded me half the amount They agreed to. This has been going on since October 3, 2020. You cannot even tell where these shoes are made and there was no Size markings on either pair. I immediately contacted them for a refund and got nothing but the run around. I Did not pay through Pay Pal and Keenwalk keeps telling me to go to Pay Pal. I agree total Scam company and they need to be put out of business. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and filing a theft on my taxes.

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