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Is Klarna Legit [May] – Is It the legit Business?

Is Klarna Legit 2020

Is Klarna Legit [May] – Is It the legit Business? -> In this article, the online customers get to know about the types of items available at this site.

Are you looking to buy different varieties of items online? Take a look at Klarna.

You must have already shopped online for women fashion brands from different shopping portals. Because of the large variety available in the market, it is tough to choose the best out of all. So, we decided to share our review on Klarna today.

But, it would help if you had many questions concerning this website and confused Is Klarna Legit or scam. Well, we will share all the information related to the products and facilities provided by it.

We will also share the view of customers who have already bought items from this site. As per the current trends, Klarna is getting popular in the United State nowadays. People appreciate its branded products with great deals.

Hence, If you are looking to purchase items related to women’s beauty products, electronics, toys & entertainment, health, Fashion products, and more, then stay connected with us.

Is Klarna Legit?

Klarna was founded in 2005. It works in two directions: first is providing portals of different brands at one stop and second if someone wants to take its business online. It offers various payment options to pay after delivery or on installments.

It offers payment solutions to ease our customer’s shopping experience. They have international teams who are dedicatedly working in different countries worldwide.

This site seems Legit as there are many brands like Apple, American express, google, etc. who acknowledge their work. We have also checked the complete information provided on the site and found it descriptive and organized.

What is Klarna com?

Klarna started with the aim of making online shopping easier. It is a platform that combines different brands in one place. So, if you are looking for a branded shopping guide and don’t want to struggle in researching various sites, you must checkout Klarna.

It is not only for shopping from different brands, but even if someone has their website and wants to promote it and take your business online, then you can create an account with Klarna for business.

It is an affordable option for those who do not have credit cards for some reason, and want to buy items with installments, pay within 30 days or financing.

Why is Klarna Unique?

It will help if you shop online for several brands from different portals. But, the confidence we get in buying from the same brand’s website is different. Although it is not possible to have all the brand’s apps on the phone, in such cases, Klarna is unique as it provides a brand website for a different category.

Due to the availability of many brands, one can forget or skip searching for a brand. While scrolling Klarna, it will help you to choose from different brands. It also aids you to buy now and pay as per convenience option.

Specifications of Klarna:

  • Website type- FInancial Services and payment solution bank
  • Website Link- 
  • contact number- 844-552-7621
  • US office address- 629N, high street, suite 300, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Email address- Not mentioned
  • Headquarter- Stockholm, Sweden

Pros of Using Klarna Services:

  • It provides the best options to shop now and pay later.
  • You can shop from the biggest brands available worldwide.
  • It creates transparency between the product and the customer.
  • It is a platform to provide more benefits to your customers for increasing revenue.

Cons of Using Klarna Services:

  • It may build insecurity for extra charges.
  • Details are not as specified as required.
  • An email address is not specified.

Customers Review on Klarna Services:

We checked the services and the customer’s reviews online. We find mixed reviews about it. It helps shoppers who did not qualify for credit cards. People appreciate different credit options offered by Klarna. 

But the experience is not the same for all, as some did not find the interest rates reasonable. However, it can be a topic of personal preference. 


We discussed all the necessary information about the services provided by Klarna. We explained the pros, cons, specifications, and more relevant details. We hope you got an idea about the services of Klarna. 

We suggest you try the services of Klarna and share your experience of shopping from it. You can also download their app for more convenience. Please share your suggestions about it in the comment section below. We love to read your comments.

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