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Is Little Tikes Online Legit {August} Get a Fair Review

Is Little Tikes Online Legit {August} Get a Fair Review -> The review gives a clear report on a toy selling website that got recently launched.

Are you planning to shop online on a toy store for your kid? A new webstore got recently launched called littletikesonlines.com, which sells toys, ride-ons, and kids playhouses. You might be interested in shopping on this new webstore, but it is crucial to know first, Is Little Tikes Online Legit or not. That will save you from any scam that is associated with this new site.

We will guide you and provide information about the new toy selling website for you to judge it and then shop on it. The website that belongs to the United States sells toys and playhouses for kids that you can buy online. To safeguard you from any possible fraud, we have prepared a report on this webstore that was newly launched. Thus, we suggest you read on the full review and analyze the site.

Is Little Tikes Online Legit?

The website entered the online market only four days back and is exceptionally new. The owner’s identity is also hidden, and no contact address is available for the customers. We checked for Little Tikes Online Reviews and found much feedbacks available. Most of the reviews were negative and shows how unreliable the site is for its users. The website has placed fake icons of social media platforms on it, to misguide the buyers.

The new website that got launched only four days ago has so many reviews that it is hard to trust. There is negative feedback available on Trust Pilot, a popular review site. The prices for the products are also very much discounted. The website has three countries involved, of which one is unknown. That throws a ray of suspicion on the legitimacy of the new site. People feel doubtful and ask, Is Little Tikes Online Legit? The only answer we can give is no, it is a possible scam.

Still, we suggest you weigh the pros and cons of the site further in this post.

What is Little Tikes Online?

The website Littletikesonlines.com is very new and sells toys, playhouses, and ride-ons for the toddlers. The prices for the toys and other products are quite low, and the shipping information is unclear. They accept the refunds within 30 days, and the delivery time is not indicated anywhere. Free shipping is available on orders above $70.

The mode of payment includes a Credit card only. They have no office address of the United States website or phone number and not even any email id provided on the site. Only a web form is available for the customers to fill and send their queries.


  • Website – Online Retailer of Kids Toys and Playhouses
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping – Free above $70
  • Returns – Accepted within 30 days
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Email – Not available
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Payment mode- Credit card
  • Social media – Fake links available

Positive Aspects of Little Tikes Online

  • The website has a range of toys available.
  • The prices are meager.

Negative Aspects of Little Tikes Online

  • The website is only four days old and too young to shop from it.
  • The owners have not given any contact information to the customers.
  • The reviews available online are mostly negative.
  • Fake icons of social media have been placed on the website to misguide users.

Customer Reviews on Little Tikes Online

The website that is so new and young was analyzed by us to check its authenticity. There are many Little Tikes Online Reviews available by the users. Mostly the feedback available is harmful, and people are not happy with their products. However, they have also given positive reviews, but for the original little tikes website that is well-known online for many years.

The customers are disappointed and ask other users to be careful and avoid using this new site. So, if you request, Is Little Tikes Online Legit, we will say, No, it is not a trustworthy site and can be considered a scam.

Let Us Conclude

Finally, in the end, we can compare the pros and cons we discussed for the new toy store and analyze it correctly. It is an untrustworthy webstore that is highly unreliable due to its many negative aspects. The availability of negative feedback for the new website makes it clear that it is an unreliable site to buy kids’ toys online. 

The owner is hiding his identity and is selling products at meager prices. We request the readers beware and avoid shopping on this site that is a possible scam site.

0 thoughts on “Is Little Tikes Online Legit {August} Get a Fair Review

  1. Well you are correct IT IS A SCAM!It was so wonderful to go to a store and pay $138.00 on a product you know and can trust, except it’s NOT the LITTLE TIKES company website you think you are going to!! LITTLETYKESONLINESTORE.COM is not even spelled correctly, and this is the website they were advertising on facebook, the very same company who misspelled theirown name. The correct website you are looking for is LITTLE TIKES, or little tikes toys. I reported this to the correct (real) Little Tikes company and they were going to have their legal tream look into it. Please be careful because there is no way to get your money back. However, now I have some company named FashionCampo.com that took money from my credit card at about the same time I placed the toy order and about the same price.This company selld nursing bras. I am a 67 year old woman who has no use for a nursing bras . I keep calling them and leaving messages on their voice mail but I have not recieved any calls cack.I have a feeling these 2 companies may be related, but right noe at this point, I just want people to be careful and try ti use their monry wiseley. That saying “If its too good to be true” remember it!!!

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