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Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit (Dec 2021) Read Reviews!

Lylas Dream Bakery com Online Website Reviews
The article will tell you the story of a little girls’ struggle, and the answers of Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit can enable you to help her in her fight.

Do you agree that the sweet treats are just for kids? We don’t. There cannot be any age limit to have cookies. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can enjoy a good cookie. And if you also think alike, you may consider a new place for trying out a new cookie.

Lyla’s Dream Bakery in the United States is a place where you can find a cookie with a cause. But Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit is the question that first comes to our mind.

Reliability of the Bakery

This website is a charity website, and there is also a donation option available. But it is the right of the donor to know whether his donation is going for the right use or not, and for that, it is vital to know the site’s legitimacy.

  • Registration Details: No data
  • Trust Index: 1%
  • Age of Domain: Not known
  • Owner’s Details: A little girl named Lyla owns the bakery
  • Payment’s Options: Various options are available for payment
  • Reviews: There is no Lylas Dream Bakery com Reviews
  • Address Legality: No address is given
  • Contact Details: There is no direct way to contact
  • Social Media Accounts: Lyla’s Dream Bakery project is associated with the official Instagram page of Dream Machine. However, social media icons are not present on the portal. 
  • Content Plagiarism: The amount is very insignificant

Though the website is missing many details, its social media associations and responses show it to be a legit one.

All About The Bakery

The website is powered by Dream Machine Foundation, a non-profitable organization. The website has just been launched, and they currently sell only a single type of cookie, which comes in two sizes of boxes. Our research about Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit revealed that a little girl of only 10 yrs age runs this bakery business.

This charity website also has an option for donating as little Layla is suffering from a rare and tough disease called CRPS. She hopes to raise enough funds to treat her disease and achieve her goal of becoming a great baker. The price here may seem quite high for cookies, but it’s not too much for a kid’s life.

Specific Details 

  • Buy Cookies here:
  • Phone Number: There is no phone number
  • Email Id: No email id is found
  • Lylas Dream Bakery com Reviews: The product and service of the site have no review
  • Portal Category: E-commerce portal for buying cookies
  • Order Type: Pre-sale
  • Shipping Policy: Items will be delivered for Christmas
  • Shipping Methods: Standard and Express shipping is available
  • Shipping Range: Delivery is only provided in the USA and Canada
  • Shipping Charges: Variable as per shipping chosen method
  • Payment Details: Various methods are available for making the payment
  • Payment modes- AMEX, Apple Pay, DISCOVER, GPay, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal.
  • Return Policy: Not applicable
  • Order Cancellation: Nothing is stated
  • Social Activity: The site can be seen on Instagram

Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit for the Advantages?

  • Various payment modes are available
  • Two types of shipping methods are present
  • The cause and site has a great response on the social media
  • Item can be ordered in advance as pre-sale is going on
  • Cookies are available in two different sized boxes


  • Worldwide delivery is not provided
  • No direct contact detail is given
  • The cookies are expensive

Customers’ Reaction

The website has just been launched, and presently, the cookie is in a pre-sale state. Hence it is not possible to find any review at this moment. The details of Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit show that the cause of this website has received great support on social media.

The website’s own Instagram page is also new, and it is still not popular, but the social account of Dream Machine Foundation shows many people responding to Lyla’s cause. However, to know about the buyers’ actual reviews, we must wait a little more. In the meantime, it will be useful to know about Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal.


The website’s association with the Dream Machine Foundation and its social media stories clearly answers the question of Is Lylas Dream Bakery com Legit or not. But yet, if you ever get Scammed Online, Take Action against it. Even if you don’t fancy a cookie, making a donation here can be a great idea.

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