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Is Magoloft Legit (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews For Clarity.

Is Magoloft Legit (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews For Clarity. >>  This article will give you an insight into a website that offers various home and kitchen appliances.

This year must have hindered many people’s shopping styles. Did you switch to online shopping in these past few months? Well, many people from the United Kingdom, Irelandhave done that. 

These are the same people who have been wondering Is Magoloft Legit. Online shopping has worked out as the safest form to be precautious from this pandemic outbreak while purchasing your desirable items. The new-normal trend has swept the offline shopping away and has blown the online shopping rapidly towards the people. 

However, since there was a high demand for online sites and products, many new websites have emerged. Therefore, it is necessary to first know about the company and website and then put your money in their products. It is essential to know if a particular site can be trusted or not. Hence, here comes our first question.

Is Magoloft Legit?

It is not impossible to know whether a website is a scam or not. Many websites have been launched in the United Kingdom, Irelandand many have turned out to be fraudulent. Several among these have delivered forfeited goods after receiving the payment, while others have not given anything. 

Hence, it becomes crucial to knowIs Magoloft Legit. The Scam advisor states that this website has an average to good trust score, whereas the customer reviews make it look like a scam. 

Let us move further to know what it is for more clarity.

What is Magoloft?

Magoloft.com is an online shopping website that has innovative kitchen appliances, with many other items being available. The home page of this website states that Labubu Limited operates it, which is situated in Essex. However, the address provided by them is not used as a return address, and for the return process, they have provided an email address.

To support the answer to the question Is Magoloft Legit, we bring you their vision, which says that their values are important to them as a fair business. Moreover, they offer secured payment and the best quality products and prices from their end. They claim that they are trustworthy name. The website is categorized into Home, Catalog, and Contact Us. The catalog includes all the items on their store classified broadly and specifically. 

Not just kitchen appliances, this store is equipped with other entertainment accessories and house appliances. Many things could be found in the store, like led lights, vacuum cleaner, plumbing apparatus, trampoline, etc. In a nutshell, they have a massive inventory under one roof. 


  • Website URl: www.magoloft.com
  • Website type: An online site for buying kitchen and house appliances
  • Company Location: Suite 2A, Wensley House, 9 Purdeys Way, ROCHFORD, Essex, SS4 1ND
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned on the website
  • Email address: customer@magoloft.com.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Who is Magoloft for?

To know Is Magoloft Legit, it is vital to know who are the target customers of a website are. Thus, people who prefer online shopping and desire to purchase home and kitchen appliances are the suitable target customers. 

Pros of Magoloft

  • They have a variety of products in their inventory.
  • They have almost all the virtual payment options.
  • The price is quite reasonable.

Cons of Magoloft 

  • Different shipping charges are levied for other products.
  • The contact number is missing from the website.

What are the reviews about Magoloft?

This website has received mixed reviews about its services and products. Also, the owner’s information is not revealed on the website. Moreover, the domain is associated with other states, which accounts for a signal that it is a scam site. 

Many people have reported that this website has scammed them. Most of them have given them 1 star for their services and products. Infact, several customers wish to provide them with 0 stars if they had the same option. 

Hence, it is advisable that people first check the authenticity of a website and then order anything from them.


Answering the question Is Magoloft Legit is not such a difficult one. After observing the customer reviews and trust score rating of this website, it can be concluded that they are not legit as of now. It is a new website and hence is not yet reliable. Therefore, we do not recommend this website.

However, we have provided enough information for our readers to make a wise choice regarding shopping with them. 

Have you purchased anything from this website yet? Please write your reviews in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Is Magoloft Legit (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews For Clarity.

  1. I have read nothing but bad reviews about this firm. I ordered it on the 18th sep a mini camera with shipping £30. i am convinced now it wont turn up. I have emailed to say i don’t want the item and that i can buy it cheaper at amazon. Half the price .
    How can people get away with this. PayPal let me pay and if i don’t receive the item then they should be responsible.
    Mrs Burke

  2. Yes, I’m a victim of Magoloft.
    Ordered a leather magic cream
    Meant to bring your leather products back to life. I must admit I thought it looked too good to be true. And after waiting almost 5 1/2 weeks for the product it was.
    After paying around £18 for the magic cream and £4.99 Postage I realised I’ve been ripped off
    I had raised a complaint with PayPal that I hadn’t received the product. Then closed the case when I received it today. I wish I’d continued and placed it as ‘not as advertised ‘
    I just don’t know where to go next to try and get their adverts taken off of Facebook and Instagram to stop them from scamming anyone else
    Angry !!!

  3. I bought what I thought was a Hirundu Electric cleaning brush but they sent me replacement heads and are refusing to send me the proper product. The advert clearly shows someone using the product and when you click to buy you click purchase. The receipt email shows the full product but I received replacement heads.
    They DEFAULT THEIR SITE so you purchase the cheaper product WITHOUT REALISING IT, thinking you have purchased the full product. Customer services then tells you they will not take it back but you can purchase full product for 3 time the original cost. SCAMMERS DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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