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Are you hunting for the generous Ecommerce store that sells home appliances at low prices? If yes, then read about online store. is a trending website that seems like a scam. Lots of potential customers are questioning- is site is legit. So for our readers, we have come up with reviews. Here, we will evaluate all aspects that determine whether the website is legit or a big scam. 

Currently, the craze of doing online shopping is on the boom. Hence, many online stores have been launched on the internet related to electronics, home appliances, and many more. However, checking all of them peeks legit, but not every site is valid for shopping. 

The United States customers are more active when it comes to choosing the shopping site. Thus, they are curious to know the website is legit or a scam. 

In this post, we have mentioned important information about the website. We hope these details will help you to come with the best decision for online shopping through this website. 

What is 

At first look, seems real online store for home appliances such as mixer, TV, vacuums, blenders, etc. As we look into the about us page, we found the website is providing a heavy discount on kitchen goods with free delivery and money-back guarantee options. 

Further on the shopping page, we have found many categories related to items such as gaming, Ice cream makers, wireless speakers, TV, and many more. appears a complete site for household items. 

The contact us page shows the corporate address of the store along with the customer support email and phone number. The pages like refund policy, privacy policy etc., are working and found reliable. 

Further, in reviews, we have listed many factors about the website that will help to make your final decision about the site. Specifications: 

  • Website type: online store of home appliances
  • Company email id:
  • Company address: 298 Flecther Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92920, United States.
  • Company contact number: 619-401-6611
  • Return/Exchange Policy: Provided 
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Pay Pal, Stripe, Mastercard, cash on delivery 
  • Shipping info: Provided 

Pros of buying products from 

  • Include an array of electronics, home appliances, and gaming products. 
  • The site provides a 15% discount on kitchen gadgets. 
  • The site includes a wide range of information related to products. 
  • Offer 30 days Money-back guarantee 
  • Free shipping 
  • Secure payment methods

Cons of buying products from 

  • No guarantee of shipping 
  • Does not provide an exact delivery date
  • Too new site
  • Have no reviews yet.
  • Less traffic

Is is legit or not? 

When it comes to online shopping, there is a need for a trustworthy site so you could get the best out of your investment. Therefore, we are here and struggling to find out whether the site is legit or uncertain. 

To get a clear idea of whether the website is legit or not, we conducted in-depth research on the internet. Consequently, we have come up with reviews that you should know about.

The very first thing we found about the site is its domain is too new. It was created on 20 August 2020 that means it is 3 months old. Also, the site may not have much traffic as the site does not have a presence on social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Furthermore, the site does not have customer reviews. Well, the website shares a physical address, contact number, and other useful information for the customer. However, these are not things that reveal the trustworthiness of the site. 

Besides these, the originality of the website and zero reviews giving a major doubt on the website. According to our findings, the website is not legit.  

What are people saying about 

There are no customer reviews available on the internet. Also, the site does not have a single review. For depth analysis, we researched reviews on the internet but failed. 

This seems like a big alarm that you should avoid this website and move on to the authentic store.

Conclusion is a too new website launched on the internet. This provides lots of household products at low prices. The domain of the site is 3 months old, and there are no reviews available about its products and company. 

Moreover, the website has no presence on social media. This is a big reason for our readers not to shop from this store. 

If you have any information to share about this site, share your experiences with us so that the buyers can be aware of such frauds. 

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