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Is Mobilitishop com Legit {Sep 2020} – Read The Reviews!


Is Mobilitishop com Legit {Sep 2020} – Read The Reviews! >> This review will update you about an online site that is offering gadgets and other devices.

Is Mobilitishop com Legit: Gadgets are becoming the essential part of human life in this era. Suppose you are searching for the website called Mobilitishop com for any of the gadgets, whether it is mobile phones, tablets, earphones, etc. But before going through any online shopping, you doubt the website, whether it is worth it or not! Then you are in the right place. is an online store for selling cell phones and other gadgets. It is widely spread across many countries, including INDIA.

Let us know about more details of this site in these Mobilitishop com Reviews. Please do read the whole article for acknowledging this site.

Is Mobilitishop com Legit?

This site does not look trustworthy site because there are no excellent customer reviews provided anywhere. Only some of the reviews are provided, which shows the anger of the buyers.

This site is not capable of providing customer satisfaction to the public. The reason for this might also be that the area very young to be trusted. This site is also involved with three countries, which is not trustworthy. Its locations and contacts are also not very cleared.

Does a big question come – Is Mobilitishop com Legit? We have to go through more details for the confirmation of whether it is legit or not?

This site does not give its authenticity clearly to the customers. The company must fulfill the customers’ needs and provide them with satisfaction with their money and product, which this site does not meet and does standstill on the customers’ expectations. So it is possible to say that this is a big scam.

What is

This website deals with mobile gadgets in INDIA, which have several varieties of mobile phones, tablets, AirPods, etc. But it does not make sure about the authenticity of the products because it shows those branded products sold at very cheap prices by this site.

So it gets a bit difficult to have faith in this site. The company hides the owner’s identity because of the fear of getting caught because they have low ratings and reviews. But it provides with the 

SSL certificate which gives a little hope of its authenticity.

Let us proceed further to know more on Is Mobilitishop com Legit?

Specifications about Mobilitishop com:

  • Types of products: online store for mobile phones and other gadgets.
  • URL:
  • Address: Mobilitishop first floor C-89 Sector -2 Noida UP-201301 India
  • Phone: 91-7289965549
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping cost: it provides all over shipping in Rs .1000
  • Payment mode: It takes online orders and has a secure payment system.
  • Refund and return: it excepts return within 30 days in free.

Pros of shopping with Mobilitishop com:

  • The SSL certificate is valid.
  • It provides the facility of returning the product within 30 days.
  • It offers worldwide free shipping on the products.

Cons of shopping with Mobilitishop com:

  • The owner is hiding its service details to save themselves.
  • The website is too young to have faith on.
  • Its expected life is too short.
  • This site is involved in three countries.
  • Its prices are too cheap to be believed.

What do the customers say about Mobilitishop com?

The reviews which are provided in the social sites do not answer the customers Is Mobilitishop com Legit? Because there are only some reviews of the buyers where their anger bursts out.

The customers must hold their faith for some time as this is a very young site to make results so fast. But till now, it is fair to say this site is a scam and not a trustworthy one.

Final Verdict

According to the Mobilitishop com Reviews of some buyers, it is easy to say that this site is a scam. The reason is they have already used this site are not satisfied. Many customers are dealing with money loss due to this site. So it is totally up to the buyers whether they want to trust this shopping site or not.

Every site tries to show its best ability to the customers; it is up to them to react to their products by comparing them with the prices. So I hope it is easy for the buyers to come through the answer to the question Is Mobilitishop com Legit or not?

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