Is New Profile Pic App Safe {May} Know User’s Interface!

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Is New Profile Pic App Safe has discussed media reports that claim New Profile App to be a Scam. 

Are you worried that the recent profile pic app downloaded by you might have stolen some personal data? This app was getting popular Worldwide for creating fabulous pictures for social media profile displays.

Rumors related to this app have flooded the digital space, and people are questioning its safety. Some reports say it has some link with the Russian government, while others accuse it of stealing personal data. To know about this app’s authenticity, keep reading, Is New Profile Pic App Safe till the end.

Is this App Sending Images to the Kremlin?

The first allegation against this app is labeled by a well-known daily accusing it of sending images to the Kremlin. The daily has used the address of Moscow in its registration document to label this charge against this app.

Some media outlets have tried to get clarification from the app company on this report. They denied this allegation and said that Linerock is registered on the British Virgin Island. According to officials, the address of Moscow River mentioned by the daily is of the lawyer of the company. They denied the news that the company has its office in Moscow.

Is New Profile Pic App a Scam?

The other news circulating in the media is that it is scamming people with its money. Some news reports state that it has debited the user’s account for subscription charges, which the user never wanted.

Some people have also claimed that money from their accounts was deducted after downloading this app. According to some reports, the company executive denied this claim and said that their service is free and the receipt shown in the screenshot is not of their company.

They said people may have downloaded some app similar to Profile Pic App from the play store. Is New Profile Pic App a Scam found nothing substantial to claim that this app is a scam.

Legit Data of New Profile Pic App:

Some legit information related to this app will further help people check the authenticity of the Profile Pic application. We have listed some basic facts related to it.

  • It has been downloaded more than one million times.
  • It has a rating of 4.3 on the play store from more than 24,000 reviews.
  • Its website has a trust index of 100 percent.
  • No reviewers have accused this app of stealing money from their accounts.

Is New Profile Pic App Safe?

Most of the legit data is in its favor, and there is hardly any fact to back up the claim that this app is a scam. Some media agencies have also contacted the person to validate the report on money lost from the bank account.

The report of stealing personal data is based on the app asking some questions for use on the mobile device, and these are the relevant questions asked by most apps.

Note- All details are based on Internet research.

Final verdict:

We found nothing substantial to label this app as a scam, and reports circulating in the media might be rumors. Therefore Is New Profile Pic App Safe feels that people can use this application to upload excellent display profiles. People can share their views on this app in the comment section.

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