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Is Palyconsole Legit (Nov 2021) Check Authentic Reviews!

Palyconsole Online Website Review

To know whether it Is Palyconsole Legit or a cheap scamming trick, make sure to read the below blog that has been created considering the internal facts.

The craze of playing video games is proliferating day after day. A survey reveals that many teenagers and young adults spend lots of time playing video games. And with the surging of digital games, different devices have been invented; out of them, the most popular and widely used device in the United States is the Sony PlayStation console.

In case you’re seeking a website for getting a good deal on PlayStations, then you’ve already found the Palyconsole website in the search result. But, Is Palyconsole Legit? Let’s check how authentic the portal is-

Checking Authenticity of Palyconsole:

Kindly read the upcoming section that has been confirmed after checking specific data-

  • The domain name got registered on the date of 2nd November 2021 and will be going to expire on 2nd November 2021.
  • The index point is terrible, only 2%.
  • The plagiarism percentage is too high; around 70% of the text is completely copied, while 18% is common.
  • Location is matched with a search engine map; however, it seems like a single residential home address.
  • The site has secured Palyconsole Reviews on the item pages.
  • Although networking media icons are present, those aren’t valid.
  • Domain recorded ID is unknown as the whois data is hidden.
  • The portal didn’t clear anything about the operator.
  • Skipped pages availability has been identified.
  • Non-clickable links are absent.

Hence, the above criteria are clearly indicating the low credibility of Palyconsole as well as due to some major flaws; it might also be a suspicious site.

What is Palyconsole?

Palyconsole is a virtual selling platform dedicated to selling only gaming console PlayStations in the United States. However, Is Palyconsole Legit? If you visit the portal, you can also find the latest launched PlayStations at an awesome price. The whole items are specific categories like PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Accessories.

Besides, there is a ‘Shop’ tab where you can get all the products. The product description is short, and we found a bit of a comprehensive description would be better for the users to know the features and other elements. Let’s check its policy details-


  • Web Link:
  • Address: 2728, Parton Circle, California-93536, USA
  • Email:
  • Remarks: Palyconsole Reviews are present only on product pages.
  • Contactable Number: +1(410)241-8888
  • Cancellation Policy: Not obtainable; hence, the presence of this policy is not known yet.
  • Shipping Policy: The average shipping timing is around 8 to 12 business days.
  • Charges: Shipping charges are fixed of 10$ for buying below 50$ items; however, above 50$ item comes with free delivery options.
  • Return: Around 30 days’ time period is given.
  • Exchange: Exchange facility is only active for incorrect and damaged products.
  • Refund: Only for defective products and the amount is transferred within 3-5 days.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.
  • Is Palyconsole Legit: No, the site looks suspicious.

Pros of Palyconsole:

  • The latest products of PlayStations have been displayed.
  • The product range is very cheap.
  • The Latest launched gaming accessories can be purchased here.
  • Free shipping is for everyone.

Cons of Palyconsole:

  • Very low index point.
  • The site is very much new.
  • Presence of skipped pages.
  • The product’s price is unbelievably low.
  • Reviews are only on its products pages.
  • The social site’s account is inactive and invalid. 
  • Cancellation information is missing.

Customer’s viewpoint on ‘Is Palyconsole Legit’:

Customer viewpoint is a compulsory check for every portal before taking the service, and it gives a clear concept about their authenticity. Within this short time, the site has has secured several reviews on the majority of products, and surprisingly, all have gained full ratings with positive statements. However, only this can’t reveal the originality; that is why we performed a cross-check but couldn’t get any remarks on the other sites. 

Moreover, at the bottom of the site, you get the popular social platforms icons; however, those aren’t valid as after clicking the logos, you’ll find that you’re redirected to that website again. Plus, know the receiving process of refund on Credit cards scam.


Is Palyconsole Legit? After fetching the data and considering all details, we could not find it’s a legit site. Plus, the site is very much new, so it needs a minimum of time to get exposure in this highly competitive market. So, instead of using this site, check other old and highly credible sites to purchase PlayStations. Read the money received methods on PayPal scams. Is this blog helpful? Please share below.

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