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Read exclusive facts about PAXG crypto, which did not gain popularity even three years after its launch. Also, learn Is Pax Gold Scam?

Are you an investor in cryptocurrency and digital assets? Are you looking to invest in an ERC-20 token that can help trade and transfer any assets quickly? With the evolution of DeFi tokens and NFTs, we have come across different cryptos concepts ranging from collecting digital art to dealing with fiat currency.

After the launch of Pax Gold (PAXG), various platforms in the United States offered various services. Let’s check Is Pax Gold Scam?

Why do people anticipate PAXG as a scam?

PAXG is legitimate crypto. There are many stablecoins present in the market. A stablecoin is backed by the stability of global fiat currencies that are widely accepted and have fewer fluctuations. Such fiat currencies included USD, GBP, YEN, Etc.

Some of the cryptocurrencies are also backed by gold reserves. For each such crypto, an equal amount of gold is deposited in the bank. PAXG provides the benefit of both fiat currency and gold reserves.

However, a subreddit did not back the project; PAXG had low search results, people anticipated Is Pax Gold Scam as it did not feature in news or BitcoinTalks related to cryptocurrencies, and the TradingView chart was unavailable for PAXG. 

Additionally, all cryptos have a certain amount of risk. Though gold reserves and fiat currency back them, fluctuations in gold value and currencies may lead to a sharp and sudden drop in prices.

In September 2019, Paxos came up with Pax Gold fully-collateralized digital asset based on the London Good Delivery gold bar. Hence, each PAXG is valued at one fine troy ounce, which is approximately 31 grams of gold.

Is Pax Gold Scam?

PAXG is legitimate crypto. Paxos is a long-existing private company that was launched in 2012. It aimed at building decentralized infrastructure to move any asset anywhere quickly. It initially launched the itBit crypto exchange in Singapore. Charles Cascarilla is the founder and CEO of Paxos.

Why PAXG is preferred:

  • PAXG uses investors’ money for its progress, and RoI is offered in PAXG crypto. However, at the request of investors, they can provide real gold.
  • Nexo DeFi offers up to 8% APY interest and lending based on PAXG holdings.
  • Similarly, BlockFi offers 5% APY on PAXG deposits, accounted to check Is Pax Gold Scam?
  • Nexo also offers a credit line to holders. Up to $1K is offered for each 0.7818 PAXG.
  • Likewise, holders can borrow $1K for each 1.09 PAXG.
  • offers up to 6.5% APY on PAXG deposits.
  • also offers a debit card loaded with USD swapped from PAXG.


Paxos is the first company approved to offer and regulate crypto products and services as it gained a limited-purpose trust charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services. Paxos standards, launched in 2018, is the best-known stablecoin fully-collateralized U.S. dollar stablecoin. PAXG is regulated by NYSDFS. Hence, Pax Gold is not a scam and answered Is Pax Gold Scam. But, it has associated market risks.

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