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Is Petbotlex Scam {July 2022} Read Honest Review Here!

This post on Is Petbotlex Scam or legit, Includes all the details about the Petbotlex website. Shoppers must read this post before shopping from petbotlex.

Is Petbotlex a legit site for online shopping? What should buyers know before shopping from Petbotlex? Nowadays, people all around the world prefer online shopping because it’s a quick and easy process. But it is not always that easy or safe; sometimes, buyers are scammed. But don’t worry about it, we have solved your problem.

This post will provide complete information about the United States Petbotlex online store. We will discuss whether it Is Petbotlex Scam or legit, the shop’s registration details, contact details, trust factor, and many more, so please persist in reading.

Is This Site Legit or Scam

Petbotlex claims to sell a wide variety of products on its online store. They sell a T-shirt, jeans, chairs and many more. But is this site legit? Is it safe for online shopping? Many questions come into buyers’ minds creating suspicion. But before buying any product from this website, buyers are requested to check all the details of petbotlex given in this post. So that buyers can identify its legitimacy and genuineness.

Petbotlex Review will provide you detail information about petbotlex company details, registration details, and many more. So that buyers can identify its legitimacy and genuineness.

  • Website registration: 16th June 2022 is the registration date of Petbotlex, which is very recent.
  • Registrar: Petbotlex is registered under 123-Reg Limited.
  • Trust factor: the Petbotlex website has only a two percent trust factor, which is very low to trust this website. That’s a drawback.
  • Buyer’s Review: No shoppers’ views or product ratings are there on the Petbotlex website, which raises questions about petbotlex’s legitimacy.

Please persist in reading this post, Is Petbotlex Scam, to learn about the positive and negative points of the Petbotlex online store.

  • Social account details: Petbotlex has social media accounts, but the link is not working. So that accounts may be fake.
  •  Data security: Petbotlex is SSL certified, providing data safety to its buyer. But be alert always. 
  • Customer policies: buyers can get all the related information on Petbotlex’s official website. Which gives a real look.
  • Missing information: customer reviews and Owner’s details are unavailable in Petbotlex online store.

Brief Information and Is Petbotlex Scam

Petbotlex’s online store sells a wide variety of products. here is the list of products from the Petbotlex store:

  • Clothes
  • furniture
  • Coffee maker and many more

Shoppers can check their products on the official websites of Petbotlex.

Features of Petbotlex shop

  • Buy a coffee maker from   https://www.petbotlex.com.
  • Phone number:+1 659-210-3953
  • The company’s address info: 250 Palm Coast Parkway Northeast, Palm Coast, Florida 32137, United State.
  • Return policy: Petbotlex online store has 15 days return policy.
  • Customer review: Product ratings or customer reviews are unavailable on the Petbotlex website, which raises the question Is Petbotlex Scam?
  • Payment modes: Petbotlex accepts paypal.
  •  Email address: support@petbotlex.com
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping is free on all orders. But custom duties are to be paid by the customers. The order takes 6-15 days to reach the customers.

Positive highlights

  • Petbotlex protects customers’ data through HTTPS.
  • Email addresses, contact details, and company address information are available on their Petbotlex website.

Negative highlights

  •  No customers review or product ratings are available on the Petbotlex website.
  • The Owner’s details are hidden.
  • They claim to have social media accounts, but the link is not working. That means the social media account is not active.

Petbotlex Review 

Petbotlex provides the company address, contact details, and email id address. But the Owner’s information is missing customer reviews simultaneously are not available. The social media accounts are not active, and Petbotlex has only a two percent trust factor which is very less to create trust in the buyer’s mind.  

After analyzing all the features of petbotlex, we would not like to recommend this website to shoppers. Moreover, this site has a poor Alexa ranking. Buyers can also get knowledge about credit card scams via this post.

Final Verdict

Summing up this post on  Is Petbotlex Scam, the Petbotlex online store is a shot-lived website registered recently. Also, Petbotlex has a poor trust factor, clearly showing that shoppers shouldn’t trust this website. The buyers can check details concerning PayPal fraud on this page. Kindly check this link to get more information on the coffee maker.

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