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Is Plantatreeco Legit [May] Read the Entire Review Now!

Is Plantatreeco Legit 2021

Is Plantatreeco Legit [May] Read the Entire Review Now! >> Here in this article, we will read about an ecommerce website that plants trees.

Various organizations worldwide are taking Initiatives of planting tree in Australia. Here we will check the legitimacy of one particular organization, and we will see whether it Is Plantatreeco Legit. These kinds of organizations are working for planting trees all around the world. These kinds of initiatives are taken by various organization. For example, plant a tree co is an organization with an active Instagram page, and it displays all its work there.

So here in this article, we will talk about this plant a tree co-organization. We will discuss every possible detail available about this organization to have full information read this article until the end.

Is Plantatreeco Legit:

Here we will talk about the legitimacy of this particular organization by going through the works of this organization.

According to the research we have done and reviews we have read, this ecommerce website seems to be likely fake, and the reasons for it are listed below.

  • There is no proof about the works that they have done or the trees they have planted
  • They claim that they plant trees with the help of their partners, but there is no information available about their partners.
  • There is no evidence about the donations that they have received as charity work is whether used or not.

What is Plantatreeco Organization? 

We have read some Plantatreeco Reviews, which we will discuss later in this article. By reading those reviews, we have learned that this organization is an ecommerce website that sells bracelet on its website. It claims that they plant one tree if any of their product gets purchased.

This ecommerce was created in 2019 in Florida; they claim that till now they have planted more than six thousand five hundred plants, and they also raise a donation for various social causes, this organization has an active Instagram page with more than 8 lakh followers whereas of now they are raising donations for Palestine.

To know more about this ecommerce website and decide whether it Is Plantatreeco Legit visit here.

Specifications of Plantatreeco Organization:

  • The URL link of the website is ecommerce website was created in Florida on 5th May 2019
  • The domain name of the website is
  • The official email address of the website is
  • The ecommerce website accepts payments through various modes like visa, Gpay, apple pay, discover, AMEX.
  • The products bought from this website can be returned until a period of 30 days.
  • They deliver products worldwide.
  • The product is delivered between 10 to 16 days in America.

Now let’s go through the pros of this ecommerce website below in this article.

Pros of Plantatreeco Organization:

now to get very clear views about whether Is Plantatreeco Legit, let’s go through the pros of this website:

  • The website has varieties of beautiful necklace on sale on their website.
  • The domain age of the website is one year old.
  • This website accepts payments in various modes, which makes it easy for buyers.
  • They ship products worldwide.

These were the pros of the plantatreeco organization now; let’s look at the cons of this organization.

Cons of Plantatreeco Organization:

The cons of the organization are listed below:

  • There are not many reviews presemt about the website on any social media handles which makes it a lot more easier to understand the Plantatreeco Reviews.
  • The bracelets on this website are over-priced.
  • There are no records of their work available on any website 
  • There is no contact number available on the website
  • There is no address of the store mentioned on the website

Reviews About Plantatreeco:

There are not many reviews available about this particular website; there are a few reviews present on websites like Trust pilot and Scam adviser. However, according to the reviews that we have read, most of the reviews negatively impacted the website.

The website was launched one year back, and this website sells bracelets and claims to plant trees on every purchase being made, but there is no evidence of their work, so it makes us hard to believe in these facts. Have you heard about PayPal scam, visit here to know more?


Is Plantatreeco Legit? At the end of this article, after going through all the facts and reviews available about the website, we can say that the initiatives taken by this organization are not legitimate. Thus, this website Is not trustworthy, and while considering whether we can conclude by saying that no, it is not legitimate. Have you heard about credit card scam, visit here to know more?

Do you think the organization must show the records of the work they have done by raising donations?

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