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Is Playstation Wholesale Legit (Jan) Read Reviews

Is Playstation Wholesale Legit 2021

Is Playstation Wholesale Legit (Jan) Read Reviews -> A website with lakhs of followers but a three-month domain age only makes it a mixed review website.

Do you love playing video games? Are you looking for a website to purchase PlayStation video games? If yes, then look no further as is there to take care of your needs.

It’s crucial to keep reading about the article till the very end and to understand Is Playstation Wholesale Legit or not. 

The website boasts a collection of Playstation series and its accessories for selling to the buyer. The website covers everything about PlayStation games, and any game lover will enjoy the website more than anything else.

All the youngsters and children love video games with high-quality graphics and look forward to playing with their friends and family members.

The company got established in the United States and provides its functions in the supporting countries. 

Is Playstation Wholesale Legit 

After checking the SSL certificate, domain age of three months old, not active on the social media, and zero social media presence online are indicators of it getting called not a legitimate site. As the domain age of three months only makes the website suspicious, the company is old and has the head office in the United States.

The website does not have any followers on its social media page and not active in posting regular updates about the product offering. 

After going through the website, it looks like it is a scam website. It is a scam and not the Playstation Wholesale Store Legit website. 

Specification of

  • Type of website: An online website selling gamin consoles and its accessories for game lovers
  • Mode of payment: Payment gets updated after entering the details 
  • Shipping duration: Same day shipping
  • Shipping rates: Shipping charges gets updated on the payment page
  • Cancellation of order: Buyer has to update a request on Cyberpunk 2077 refunds for processing your request
  • Company physical address: Bridgepointe Pkwy, 2207, San Mateo, CA 94404, USA
  • Company contact number: 1-586-666-2001
  • Company email address:

Pros of shopping from

  • It looks like the Playstation Wholesale Store Legit website
  • Worldwide shipping of its products
  • Fifty percent promotional discount on all its product
  • A paradise for game lovers 
  • Products available on third-party websites
  • One website for all your gaming requirements
  • Blog link to keep updated on the latest product news
  • Latest product launched on the website for buying

Cons of shopping from

  • Domain age shows three months old only.
  • No update on shipping charges.
  • No social media presence online.
  • Third-party reviews are bad.
  • Social links not present on the website

What is

The website got created to sell PlayStation games to people looking for a hardcore gaming console. The company aims to sell games at a lower price to entice customers to purchase the games from their website. 

Interested buyer has to go through the website to know Is Playstation Wholesale Legit or not.

The company sells the PS version at a 50% promotional discount and supports it with its other services.

The latest version of the Playstation gaming console looks elegant and technology advanced for today’s game lovers.

The games played on the PlayStation have great graphics and make the children glued to their computer screens for playing. 

What are reviews?

The company is three months old and has offices worldwide and selling its gaming products from third-party ecommerce stores. The company is not active on social media channels, and no followers are present for it to 

get called a legitimate website.

The company is not posting any video or organic posts to keep the viewers interested in the products. The are no good reviews about the website available online, and buyers should stay away from this website for their safety.

So to answer the question – Is Playstation Wholesale Legit or not. The website is not at all legit, and buyers can do their part of the research for their safety. 

Final verdict

After careful analysis of the SSL Certificate, domain age of three months, zero social media presence, and no social links present on the website make it a mixed review website. As the domain age of only three months makes it a little suspicious. Also, bad third party reviews and zero social media presence make it a scam website.

Interested buyers have to be considerate of the online reviews shared about the website online and try to find the answer to the question Is Playstation Wholesale Legit or not. Once you try to find the solution for your safety, many things will get clear, and you will make the right decision.

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