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Is Qimios com Legit (Nov 2021) Check Detailed Reviews!

Qimios com Online Website Reviews
The blog below, Is Qimios com Legit or Not, explains whether or not this online buying business is legitimate. To find out more about it, continue reading.

Because Christmas and other festivals are rapidly approaching, several online shopping websites offer massive sales on their items. But, have you ever seen a women’s fashion-themed business offering deals and discounts before? 

You have arrived at the proper location. is an example of an online shopping company that is now giving substantial discounts and promotional deals on its items. Kindly continue reading to determine if Is Qimios com Legit or not, since the website is now the most popular in the United States.

Is a legitimate business?

  • The domain age is only a few months old, having been registered on 16-10-2021.
  • A trust score of 1% per cent has been achieved by the site, which is a disgraceful achievement.
  • The Alexa ranking for this site has not yet been provided since it is a new website.
  • Website content that has been plagiarized or duplicated.
  • All of the policies for the website are clearly defined in the policies section.
  • There are no Qimios com Reviews available on the website.
  • The contact address provided is fictitious and deceptive since it goes to a Denver street and residential neighborhood.
  • The contact information of the owner is absent.
  • Glamour deals or discounts are currently available.
  • We don’t find any social media links to check reviews on the portal. 

The online store appears to be very suspicious or a questionable website based on the information presented above.

Qimios com in a nutshell

Qimios Com is an online store that sells a variety of women’s footwear and clothes. The company deals in varied Balerina Boots, Dresses, and Pants. The business is now giving significant discounts on its items, which might easily lure in legitimate buyers. Buyers need to check reviews to know Is Qimios Com Legit or just another scam.

Specifications of the website are as follows:

  • is the website’s URL.
  • The online site’s category includes women’s apparel and footwear.
  • and are the website’s email addresses. 
  • 8359 E 49th Ave #1740, Denver, CO 80238, United States is a bogus website address 
  • Payment modes- PayPal PayPal, VISA, JCB, American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club 
  • The phone number shown on this page is +1(720) 893-1520
  • The website has a 30-day return policy in place.
  • The website does not maintain any social media to check authentic reviews. 
  • A normal shipping time ranges from one to twenty-two business days.
  • Processing time plus shipment time is given as the aggregated delivery time.

Favorable aspect to check Is Qimios com Legit or not

Readers should be aware of both the good and bad aspects of website reviews to better understand the website.

The following are some of the positive aspects of the situation:

  • Fashion for women may be found on this website in interesting designs.
  • While you are there, take advantage of the site’s current discounts.
  • Every element of the product description has been meticulously included.

Negative Aspects of the website

The following are some negative aspects of this website:- 

  • The website contains a forged address that is not valid.
  • The website is newly launched.
  • The website does not come with reliable reviews.

Qimios com Reviews

Customers are attracted to the website because it appears user-friendly, but customer reviews are critical in determining whether to purchase at this or any other online shopping business. 

As a result, we searched this website for client testimonials. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews available for this website on any legitimate review websites, which is disappointing. Many online companies dupe online shoppers and hence here we always suggest our readers to check details on how to get money back from a credit card transaction to enjoy safe shopping. 

Is Qimios com Legit or Not? – The website receives a bad point due to this, which raises even more concerns about it. 

The final statement

Women’s apparel and footwear are the primary products sold on the website. We always urge that readers conduct their diligence before purchasing anything from any shady website or marketplace. Additionally, read here the process to Recover Your Money From Scammers in case of PayPal scam, if you have already lost money. You may find out more by visiting this page.

If you get any details on Is Qimios com Legit, please share them with us.

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