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Is Reshline Scam {July 2022} An Informative Review!

The article below specifies the details to spread awareness about the online store and help uou know, Is Reshline Scam.

Do you know the best website for housewife gadgets and toys? Do you like to know about the trending car accessories and sales of home appliances tools? Many online users from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are looking for online portals. 

With multiple essences to know about the authenticity, the users are trying to understand Is Reshline Scam and other research data. Read below more about the specifications and reviews mentioned below.

Is the website trustworthy?

To identify the legitimacy of a website, one needs to cross-check specific data and details from the website. As fetched from the internet research, some specification are as mentioned below:-

  • The domain creation date- is 5th June 2020.
  • The domain expiry date- is 5th June 2023.
  • Details of owner and staff- The owners’ details are authentic and verifies as per the WHOIS.
  • Trust score – as mentioned by the research, the trust index is very good, that is, 86%.
  • Social media accounts as per Reshline Reviews -the website does not have any social media contacts or promotions.
  • The online store is powered by Shopify.
  • The website’s popularity is 247363, which is an average.

All of the points mentioned prove that the portal cannot be trusted. Let us read below more about the web details.

Website details of Reshline.com

The platform provides products related to gadgets and home decor tools. The website is an online platform that caters to the demand of regular and professional users. They provide products related to:-

  • Clothing and accessories
  • Toys and gift
  • Houseware
  • Tools
  • Car accessories
  • And other sale products

Details to Identify: Is Reshline Scam

  • Website portal url- the website portal is https://www.reshline.com/
  • Domain name-the registered domain name since the upgradation of the portal is mentioned in the documents to be as reshline.store
  • Company name- Reshline is the company name for online product listing and selling
  • Company address- it is not mentioned on the website aur specified in any other data tracker
  • Email ID – only query detail email is mentioned, which is customer@reshline.com. this email ID is said to be working 24 by 7
  • Contact details- no contact number is mentioned. Only the email facility is available.
  • Shipping and delivery as per Is Reshline Scam – the product can take 3 to 7 days for processing. On the other hand, the shipping is done within 20 days for the country’s address and orders.
  • Returns and refund policy-: the products can only be returned and refunded within 14 days of purchase. This is because the conditions are damaged during manufacturing or error in the technical and tool applications.
  • Payment modes- the payments are accepted through visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express, and dinner Club International cards.

From the mentioned details, we can easily suspect the website as a scam, as the portal says there are many flexible payment systems and shipping categories. So the answer to Is Reshline Scam would be yes, as there are other positive and negative aspects. Let us read them below!

Pros of website

  • The website is protected by the https protocol
  • They have an easy return and shipping policy
  • The products are free to shit out of the country
  • Easy and different payment modes are available

Cons of website

  • The website is only accessed through email.
  • There are no contact and transparency details of the owner
  • The COD option is not available
  • These social media links are not present
  • SSL certificate is missing.
  • There are fake reviews on websites.

Reshline Reviews

The customer feedback and reviews have important sessions for analyzing the portal, whether it is trustworthy or a scam. However, as the portal for the following article lacks specific identities and details, investing is not recommended. 

In similar situations, other outlets have no reviews from customers and create doubt by selling unconditional sale products. The Reshline website does not have any payment safety measures and no product tracking contacts. Also, learn how to safeguard and protect yourself from online scams like credit cards.


As the final statements concluded from the internet research, we can say that the answer to: “Is Reshline Scam” – is “No”! Moreover, we still recommend to check all the policies from the official store before investing in it. 

Do you think the website is a scam? Comment your opinion. Also, learn new tricks for different preventive methods against scams like PayPal

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    1. Hi Mike! Call your respective bank and ask them to change the details or block your card. And then, apply for a new card and do not share your details with anyone. Thanks & Regards.

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