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Is Save Sealer Legit {Nov} Is It Scam Or Legit Website?

Is Save Sealer Legit 2020

Is Save Sealer Legit {Nov} Is It Scam Or Legit Website? >> In this article readers will get to know whether to buy from sealing devices and bags or not.

Save Sealer Reviews will details here the utilization of vacuum-fixed packs and its usage. The innovation’s been in the United States for a long time, and a few organizations have built up their bags and vacuum sealers. 

A large part of the allure of this sort of capacity item is the way that customers adjust the sacks to the state of the food that they are sparing, making it simpler to shop in mass and feast prep. The website brings purchasers a more minimized variant that is simple for any kitchen to use.

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Is save sealer legit or a scam

On first look, save sealer would seem genuine; but, after an examination, the site is reasonably sketchy on a few grounds

Even though save sealer is SSL guaranteed and utilizes HTTPS convention this way, the data you give and get is sheltered, which is a positive sign. 

Therefore, we investigated more and found that the site name was enrolled only a couple of months back, i.e., on 03-11-2020. It shows that the site is new and subsequently might not have much traffic.  

Furthermore, the essential data, for example, contact number, organization address, and transportation time, isn’t accessible on the official site, and no real site does this and, this answer the question Is Save Sealer Legit or not. 

Expansion to this, it lacks a presence on online media stages. This way, we can’t guarantee it to be a genuine site, as it might perhaps be a trick.

What is 

It is a website offering a mini vacuum sealer along with silicone bags. The smaller than expected vacuum food sealer and silicone bags help eliminate dampness and oxygen in sans BPA sacks that don’t need unsafe synthetic compounds or additives. 

It can work for quite a few use cases, including sous vide baking, feast prep, mass shopping, on tour, putting away extras, and open-air exercises.

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  • Website type- It is an e-commerce site offering mini vacuum sealer along with silicone bags. 
  • Website link –
  • Shipping time- Not specified.
  • Shipping fee- It’s free worldwide.
  • Exchange – Exchange of a product is available only when the product is in its original packaging.
  • Delivery time- 4-15 days.
  • Return- Products brought from this website can be returned within 30 days after receiving an order.
  • Refund- In the original payment method, refund will be initiated between 3-5 working days.
  • Cancellation of an order- If any buyer wishes to cancel their order then they can return it for a refund on receipt of the product.
  • Company contact details- Email:
  • Phone no: not mentioned
  • Company address- It is not available.
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card.


Want to know Is Save Sealer Legit? Read the pros of save sealer below

  • The products offered by save sealer let some air out, so dishes hold supplements and flavors longer. 
  • The save sealer products accompanies BPA free, durable packs to help cut kitchen squander by half 
  • Purchasing plastic wrappers and throwing uneaten food, you are nearly burning through many dollars to top off your garbage bin. The excess sealer stops all of that squanders! 
  • The save sealer products are sufficiently small to fit in a cabinet.


  • Bags offered are very delicate and can tear. Indeed, even the littlest opening can bargain the seal’s nature and influence food things to ruin. 
  • You will undoubtedly need to discover a compartment for putting away the packs to shield them from being bitten by rodents and different foragers.

What are the customers saying about?

Chris shared in Save Sealer Reviews that “I put save sealer under severe scrutiny in the wake of perusing tons of 5-star surveys, and I need to state that the audits don’t lie. I saw an enormous contrast in taste, particularly with foods grown from the ground.”

Thomas from the United States stated, “mind save sealer”, you can taste the distinction right away. I have disposed of my cling wrap. 

Final verdict

Although this website seems to be authentic, it can be concluded that we cannot claim it to be legitimate due to some loopholes and incomplete information.

Therefore, readers are recommended to do a detailed investigation before buying products from this website and for Save Sealer Reviews there is no company address available; low traffic and a contact number is also not available to send your queries through the mail.

If you have ever ordered anything from this website, share your shopping experience with us in the comment section below.


  1. I have ordered Pump and vacuum bags in November from Save Sealer at a cost of around £50,00 plus told it is being delivered by Yun Express, then Direct24x7Fullfillment they received it in their warehouse 17th November out for delivery I am told, unregrettably I feel I am another victim of a scam because there is no way you can get through to them. It was originally from America I am told and sent to China who apparently forwarded it on but no response as usual. Please be aware of any any of these wonderful offers advertised do more research if necessary. If I do possibly receive it I will let you know on this site. Mrs Carruthers

  2. This product did not work! There is also no method or information to get a refund. If anyone knows how to return this product, please let everyone know.

  3. Like the others, I ordered in good faith and the company phone number that shows up in you bank account transaction doesn’t allow talking to a person. They don’t respond to email and the tracking just dead ends to nowhere, for me 8 days ago. So I turned it into my bank as a scam and they money that was transferred to them will be taken back. Thank God I bank at a good bank!

  4. I bought this in October, used the pump 3 times and when I tried to use it for the forth time, it didn’t work. It’s only covered by a 30 day guarantee which is ridiculous. I also bought additional bags, which are now as useless as the pump.

    Customer services weren’t interested. I shall by a replacement from Amazon as their customer service is much better.

  5. I never received the charger so there is no way I can charge the battery. How can I get the charger that never came with the sealer?

  6. Disgusting company. The product stopped working after about 20 uses, I was told that I must have used wet foods. I did not. I recharged the proper way. It still did not work. My requests for a refund were unanswered.

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