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Is Sepwalk Legit (Feb 2022) Get Authentic Reviews Here!

This article provides information regarding the functioning of a new website and tells its reader Is Sepwalk Legit or not for their safety and security.

Are you looking for a trusted website that offers you a great deal in shoes and footwear? Does look at Sepwalk make you confused regarding the legitimacy of the website? As many websites deal in footwear in the United States, what makes Sepwalk special?

In this article, we will discuss the Sepwalk website and tell you Is Sepwalk Legit or not, along with some interesting facts about it. So, let’s find out. 

Is Sepwalk a functioning website?

An online website should be appropriate and to the point so that the customer or the reader will get all the information they require. In the case of Sepwalk, our research team was able to gather some information regarding the website’s functioning. 

This information will give you a clear sight regarding the legitimacy of the Sepwalk website. So let’s take a look.

  • The domain age of Sepwalk is 3 months and 15 days old, i.e. it was created on 14/08/2021.
  • We couldn’t find any information regarding the Sepwalk Reviews or any of its products. 
  • The trust index of this website is only 1% which indicates that the site shouldn’t be trusted. 
  • The sepwalk website is not linked with any of the social media platforms. 
  • The Alexa Rank is 33153. 
  • The website contains almost 45% duplicate content. 
  • The owner details are hidden as per Whois and it makes the website suspicious. 
  • The shipping policy does not mention proper clarification. 

What is the Sepwalk website?

After knowing about its functioning, let’s talk about the website in detail so that you can know more about it. Sepwalk is an online website that deals in different types of shoes available for men, women and kids. 

With awesome deals, people get suspicious regarding Is Sepwalk Legit or another scam website made to make money from the people. 

Specification of the Sepwalk Website 

  • Website URL- https://www.sepwalk.com/
  • Headquarters’ location- the United States and warehouse is in Vietnam
  • Office address- 820 W Stacy Rd #365, Allen, Texas
  • Operational hours- Monday to Thursday (9 am-6 pm)
  • Friday- 9am-3pm  
  • Service email address- support@rixithailand.com (for tracking, exchange and return)
  • Domain created on 14-08-2021
  • Domain age- 3 months and 15 days old 
  • Domain expiry date- 14-08-2022
  • Shipping policy- ships products worldwide, and all the products are authentic. 
  • Return policy- the customers can return the product within 30 days of receiving the order. 
  • Payment modes- accept different modes of payment and different credit and debit cards. 
  • Is Sepwalk Legit– doesn’t seem a legitimate website as much information is absent. 
  • Social media links- no social media link is given on the official website. 
  • Website telephone number- not mentioned 
  • Variety of products- different shoes are available of different companies like Nike, Jordan for men, women and kids. 

Pros of Sepwalk Website

  • Offers different footwear for women, men and kids
  • Shoes are available for every occasion. 
  • Reasonable price is given with heavy discounts and offers. 
  • Free shipping from all over the world and extra discount on 2 pairs of shoes

Cons that makes the people think Is Sepwalk Legit or not

  • The trust index of this website is very low.
  • No telephone number is given to contact the website
  • No genuine reviews are mentioned anywhere on the internet
  • No physical stores are available as they only deal in internet shopping. 

People’s opinion on the Sepwalk website

After checking out the reviews of the Sepwalk website, which is limited only, we can say that people are suspicious regarding this website. All the offers and discounts that the website gives to their customer make the customer think again before investing in this website.

After looking out the Sepwalk Reviews, many people have decided to wait and gather information about the website.  If you have also fallen victim to an online scam and want to know How Scammed Online & Take Action, read here. 

Final Verdict 

With all the information gathered above, we can conclude that the Sepwalk website is suspicious, and people should be careful before putting their money on these websites. 

If you are looking to buyAir Jordan footwear or any other brand, you can try some different website that offers you a great deal. Also, please share your opinion regarding Is Sepwalk Legit or not and read How to Get a Refund from PayPal If Scammed

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