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Is Sleeves Face Mask Legit {Oct} Read The Review Today!

Is Sleeves Face Mask Legit {Oct} Read The Review Today! -> This article aims to share truthful and unbiased feedback on a brand. This article is in a suggestive tone, and the final decision remains in the hands of customers.

If masks have become the new normal already and have accepted this reality, why not live in style? There are a few websites in the market that sell printed masks and countless varieties of masks. Tie & dye, printed, customized, and whatnot. But do you know that there are websites that also have options for people who wear glasses? Yes, you read it correctly. 

The struggle of glass wearers is something that only they know, and the addition of masks have only raised the bar of difficulty level. So there is this brand named “Sleevz.” This brand is exclusively for masks, especially for those who wear glasses in their day to day life. 

Is Sleevz Face Mask Legit

If you haven’t heard of this brand and are now intrigued to explore it and check if Is Sleeves Face Mask Legit, read this article till the end to know everything about it. Before you jump into the conclusion that if a specific website is a legit website or not, there are a few checkboxes that need to be filled out. Below are the main areas that need to be reviewed.

The website does have a safe browsing link with a valid SSL certificate. The payment gateway is secure. The content available on the website is not upto the mark as the brand has not disclosed complete information about them. Also, there is no proper disclosure of contact information, which makes this website a suspicious one. The traffic on the website is meager and hence the question Is Sleeves Face Mask Legit. The brand does not have many followers on their social media platforms as the brand is new. The Sleevz Face masks deliver its products worldwide.

What is Sleevz Face Mask?

Sleevz Face Mask is a brand that sells quality, comfortable, washable, stylish masks at an affordable price. This brand has focused on the problem faced by the people who wear glasses daily. The brand has anti-fog masks that would not clear vapor on the glasses. However, this brand’s masks are non-medical masks. It looks very fashionable, and different variants available.

The Specification of the mask:

  • Product Type: Masks selling brand
  • The brand does not share standard shipping costs.
  • There are multiple payment options like Amex, gpay, visa, apple pay, diner club, discovery, elo, MasterCard, Paypal, shop pay, venmo, and JCB.
  • Due to hygiene concerns, no return or refund is available.

Pros of buying from Sleevz Reviews

  • The products is Breathable material.
  • Soft Fabric and antimicrobial.
  • It is Reusable, washable and anti fog.
  • The material is extremely comfortable.
  • It comes with a stylish look.
  • Safe payment gateways.
  • The brand is available on social media platforms.
  • Multiple payment options are available for the convenience of the customers.
  • Free shipping.
  • Affordable. 

Cons of buying from Sleevz Reviews

  • Non-medical masks
  • It has No full disclosure of information about the company.
  • It has No proper disclosure of contact information.
  • It has Not many followers on social media platforms.
  • It has Not much traffic on the website.
  • There are No Sleevz Mask Reviews  were found on the internet.
  • The website is relatively new.

What are people saying about this product?

This website is relatively new, so there are no Sleevz Mask Reviews found on the internet. 

Final Verdict:

Because of all the data and analysis, it is that the website is suspicious. The owner of the website is trying to hide some crucial details about its brand. You will note that there are no contact numbers or addresses available if you search the contact us tab, which is essential information to be exchanged by a legitimate brand.

As such, websites may be scams, it is suggested not to engage with such brands that have not shared pertinent company information. Even the slightest doubt should not be to be safe and avoid getting stuck in brands that can be a scam. While the concept of making masks for wearers of eyeglasses, it is genuinely commendable. If the website upgrades in the future and shares full information, you can buy from this website and have some Sleevz Mask Reviews. Until then, it is to keep away and no personal details to be on this website.

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  1. Hi! I am the Co-Founder of SLEEVZ. Thank you for covering our website and product. However, I would like to provide some clarifications. My husband and I came up with the idea earlier this year for SLEEVZ, hence why the website is new, as this product was not as needed before the pandemic we had never thought to produce it before this year. There are no reviews because we haven’t started shipping yet. We are a few weeks away from starting to ship products which is stated on our product pages. Thank you for covering our company. I just wanted to clarify that we are new and not a suspicious website, but two entrepreneurs just starting a new company. I personally built the website (my first one) so thanks for pointing out some things I can do better. For additional, information or questions email us at sleevzmask@gmail.com or call 2056602299.

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