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Is Snknew.com Legit (Dec 2021) Read Reliable Reviews!

Are you willing to buy a new set of sneakers? The content declares acceptability check of a portal. So, scroll down the post to know Is Snknew.com Legit or not.

Do you want to update your shoe collection? If so, then you are at the correct spot. Depending on the occasion, we love to wear a variety of shoes. 

During our travels, we wish to wear comfy shoes, which are readily available on online sites worldwide, especially in Canada. Today, we will check the legitimacy of such a site named Snknew.com, which offers men’s shoes of various brands. So, let’s know Is Snknew.com Legit or not.

Is Snknew.com a scam?

Collecting the preceding data is even more critical if the website lacks crucial data, such as this website. So, let’s check it:

  • Domain Age – The website created on 24-07-2021 signifies that this platform is about five months old. 
  • Trust Index Score – The site has received only a 1% trust score in the marketplace, which is poor.
  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa ranking is very important to know the portal popularity. Since this site is new, it has not received any attention, and also, the Alexa rank is bad.
  • Customer Feedback – Whenever we are checking site legitimacy, customer reviews are very vital to check. For this portal, we find no Snknew.com Reviews on the web.
  • Plagiarised Content – This website interface doesn’t seem unique. The content stuff has not got written well.
  • Official Address – The official address of the portal is not get mentioned on it.
  • Policies – Policies including the return, refund, tracking are present on the website.
  • Owner Details – There is an absence of the owner info upon the site.
  • Social Media Involvement – There seem to be no social media icons or account presence online.
  • Irrational Discounts – The site includes several sales like Friday sales, which is different from the market.

Since there are no proven facts on the webpage, it cannot be regarded legit. To learn more, buyers can read the section entitled Is Snknew.com Legit?

What is Snknew.com?

Snknew is an online shopping website with a wide variety of popular footwear at low prices. With more than a year of work as a global online store, it has built long-term relationships with manufacturers, depots, and wholesalers in the wholesale industry.

The firm aims to decrease costs and provide the best possible price to clients worldwide, including in Canada. The company gets dedicated to guaranteeing that you can buy what you need on the webpage while also having a good time buying. But before investing your hard-earned money, let’s know more Is Snknew.com Legit or not.

Specifications of Snknew.com:

In online purchasing, the first phase in ensuring reliability is to verify the legality of the commerce platform. So, these pointers will assist our readers in checking the portal in-depth.

  • Domain Creation Date – 24-07-2021
  • Portal URL – https://www.snknew.com/
  • Products Types – Men’s Footwear
  • Email Account support@jdonline.info
  • Mobile Number – Not available
  • Owner Details – Absent
  • Official Address – Absent
  • Social Media Icons – Not Mentioned 
  • Mode of Payment – Paypal
  • Return Policy – Within seven days of purchasing
  • Refund Guideline – Not Mentioned
  • Exchange Policy – Unavailable
  • Shipment Charge – Absent
  • Shipment Time – Around 7-30 days

Check out these pointers in detail to get rid of scams. Before moving into Snknew.com Reviews, let’s check the site’s advantage and disadvantages.

Pros of buying from Snknew.com:

  • On the site, you may purchase several different sorts of footwear.
  • The products, as well as the cost structure, are reasonably valued.
  • Many of the items for sale on the internet are fresh new, at the same period, really useful in daily life.
  • The portal got secured with an HTTPS connection.

Cons of buying from Snknew.com:

  • The site’s trust score is incredibly poor, implying that it should not get trusted in any form.
  • Although the costs are reasonable, no one can assess the goods’ legitimacy solely based on their price.

Customer Feedback on Is Snknew.com Legit?

For new e-sites, user evaluations are the most crucial component because they may make a huge difference to their firm. This site allows customers to submit feedback, and all of the feedback indicates that the customers are satisfied with the footwear they purchased. 

Strangely, outside of the website, there is no sign of any single comment. Check out Everything You Should Know About the PayPal Scam, to avoid any scam.

Final Verdict 

It lacks all of the policy specifics and that there is no guarantee that the Snknew site Shoes are genuine. Is Snknew.com Legit? As a result, it gets advised that you refrain from buying a product on the site. Here, check how to get an amount from credit card scams.

Have you ever purchased any shoes from this portal? Then share your viewpoints below.

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