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Is Soufeel Legit (Dec 2021) Check Authentic Reviews!

With this article, you will understand the website and its service details. This article will also give you answers regarding ‘Is Soufeel Legit’ or not.

Do you love to wear personalized custom jewelry? The trend of custom jewelry is not new. The best thing about customized jewelry accessories is you can pair them up with any outfit.

So, if you also have a fondness for wearing personalized jewelry, you will find this article is helpful. Today, we’ll be exploring the site, namely Soufeel, which is recently featured as a trending personalized jewelry seller in the United States and Canada.   

However, is this website worthy of use? Is Soufeel Legit? Before coming to a conclusion, first, check how legit the web is. 

How worthy is the site for the users?

When it comes to online purchasing, ensure that you’re investing money on the legit site. Please review below and determine Soufeel’s legitimacy-

  • The site’s not new; the online service has been provided for more than 10 years. Its creation date- 18-10-2010.
  • The site has achieved an excellent trust index. According to the SEO tool, now the trust-index score of Soufeel is 86%.
  • Its profile on community media has been identified.
  • Lots of Soufeel Reviews are on several different platforms.
  • The ‘Whois’ data shows its domain name is SOUFEEL.COM, which has been listed on ‘Beijing Innovative Linkage Software Service Co. Ltd.’
  • Copied content is only 8%; however, common content is 83%.
  • The corporate location is legit.
  • ‘SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED’- is the operator company.

Reviewing all the critical factors, it’s proved that Soufeel isn’t created to chit people. It’s a legit and reliable selling portal.

What is Soufeel?

Soufeel is a china-based seller, reaching audiences in some major countries like the United Kingdom rapidly. However, Is Soufeel Legit? The site’s selling products aren’t only limited to personalized custom jewelry, but it also showcases some fantastic, fashionable, classic collections of Apparel, Accessories, Seasonal Occasional gifting products, etc. Apart from it, Soufeel also assists users with their Fresh Arrival items, Gifting Ideas, etc.

Additionally, here users also get a variety of Home and Living decor and accessories at a sensible price. Every item possesses a long description; moreover, now purchasing any item would be less costly as a heavy rebate is ongoing on products.


  • Website Address: https://soufeel.com
  • Email ID: Reseller@soufeel.com
  • Feedback: Numerous Soufeel Reviews are a variety of platforms
  • Contact Number: The number isn’t provided, but users can use the direct message facility to contact them via Skype.
  • Located At: Room-D,10/F-Tower-A, Billion Centre,1-Wang Kwong Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Canceling Order Process: Yes, available, but you have to make it as quick as possible.
  • Shipping Duration: Duration isn’t mentioned; however, you can track the parcel.
  • Return Timing:
  • Shipping Charges: Transportation charges are free over 49 USD amount. For international delivery, the customs charges have to be borne by the purchasers.
  • Refund Process: 1 week or 10 days- it may take.
  • Is Soufeel Legit: The site is decent.
  • Exchange Process: Available.
  • Payment Gateways: Debit cards, PayPal, Credit cards.


  • The site is famous for selling personalized jewelry at a sensible range.
  • Soufeel also displays several items like apparel, accessories, decor items.
  • Huge rebates are being given on every product.
  • An excellent trust-index score has been detected.
  • Numerous customers’ comments are seen.
  • Its link with social sites is solid & active.
  • Several paying processes are seen.
  • HTTPS connection has been identified.


  • Reviews are mixed types.
  • The shipping duration is unclear.
  • The contact number has not been mentioned.

Is Soufeel Legit- Consumers’ reviews:

Previously mentioned that there are lots of reviews available on Soufeel and other media. On Soufeel, most of the items succeeded in receiving 4 or 5 stars with favorable comments. While on other media such as Trust Pilot, Reviews.io, Sitejabber.com, it gained around 3.5, 3.2, 2.9 stars, respectively.

According to those media, purchasers mentioned the service is good; but the product quality is not worthy. Moreover, some have complained about their consumer’s service. Soufeel is on several social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., with over 21K followers. Also, check how to receive refunds on PayPal fraud.

Final Verdict

Is Soufeel Legit? Checking the criteria, we found that it is legit with years of age and an excellent trust index. Its presence is strong on social sites; however, the mixed reviews point out that buyers must read the product reviews to avoid getting low-quality products. Also, everything you can know about the process to get money back on credit card fraud. Did you buy anything from Soufeel? Kindly share your review below.

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