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Is Strimpay Legit {June} Read An Informative Review!

Is Strimpay Legit? The site gives access to consumers’ online money transactions with the lowest convenience charge. First, read its legitimacy, then use it.

Donyou know about Strimpay? A new money transferring site is recently receiving a good amount of traffic in Nigeria. We’re discussing Strimpay, which allows people an online money transaction facility at a very low convenience rate.

However, many users are curious to know its legitimacy. So, for our audience, we have enlightened the facts about- Is Strimpay Legit? Since you’re suggested to read the below data.

Determination of the Strimpay site’s legitimacy:

Using a new portal always needs thorough checking, and when it comes to using the latest online money transaction site, the checking becomes crucial. So, let’s check it first-

  • Domain Name: strimpay.com.
  • Site’s Age: Its age is not more than 2 months (the registration date is 23rd March 2022). 
  • Trust Score: The trust rating is 1 percent.
  • Reviews: No proper reviews are available.
  • Social Links: We did not notice any hyperlinks or social media links on the site.
  • Plagiarism: 40% plagiarism is present.

So, Is Strimpay Legit? The site has low authority as well as is too new.

About the Strimpay site:

The site claims to be trusted by over 20000 users in Nigeria as it provides access to online money payment at low convenience fees. We analyzed the site properly and found that it’s a portal by which users can transfer and receive money online. According to this site’s claims, around 1k transactions have already been made officially. It has a Send and Receives tab with a Fees details option and a Help section. In the Help section, you get many options like Verification, My account, Transfer and Money Transfer.

Features (Considering Is Strimpay Legit):

  • Reviews: No good reviews are visible.
  • Headquarter Location: The location of its corporate office is unknown.
  • Email ID: support@strimpay.com, help@Strimpay.com.
  • Contact Number: Not available.
  • FAQs Section: Yes, multiple questions, including technical queries, are available.
  • Operator Name: The operator name hasn’t been shared as well as on the relevant sources; the data is hidden.
  • Social Media Account: Our team failed to find the hyperlinks or any other details to establish its connection with social media.

Now let’s find out the users’ opinion about this site.

Consumers’ ratings and reviews on ‘Is Strimpay Legit‘:

We found no proper reviews on its official site as well as on search engines. Several write-ups and videos are available, which have been created to show how the site works and how users can use the site without any hassles; however, no ratings and reviews are available. Although the site is new, it claims to have 20K users. But no reviews are present. Moreover, read the process to receive refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Strimpay portal is built to allow users to transfer money via a digital platform while spending small convenient fees. However, the trustability score is also low, and it’s a new site. Thus, Is Strimpay Legit? It seems like a scam site. Also, check the steps to claim money refunds on credit cards. 

Is this blog insightful? Kindly convey your opinion in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “Is Strimpay Legit {June} Read An Informative Review!

  1. Strimpay is completely scam how will I purchase a virtual card before receiving payment and he doesn’t have a app and if you create a account and put ur details like ur BVN location and others the site will not allow u to login again I think why they hide their details bcus they want to use the site to get people bank details I can see they Are purely scam no other words for it.

    1. Hi Kendrick! Thanks for sharing your opinion via comments and making alert other readers. Be also suggest you remain alert and read all the documents carefully before investing.

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