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Is Teegest Clothing Legit (Nov) Let’s Read Reviews Here!

Is Teegest Clothing Legit (Nov) Let’s Read Reviews Here! >> This article sheds light on the available website for cloth shopping and finds how legit it is. 

Is Teegest Clothing Legit: The easiest way to stay updated with all trendiest and fashion clothes is through the online sites available on the web. The web stores allow the buyers to shop from there and avoid all the physical shopping that failed to provide voguish and up to minute apparel selections. The online stores are available all across the world and get the products at a fair price. With web-based shopping, you can get access to the extensive range of sites with styles.

The best aspect of this site is that it provides delivery worldwide, including the United States. It is better to get into all parts of the website and then go forward with the shopping cart. You need to go for the website’s information and know whether the site is a scam or legit.

Here, we come up with such a site that proffers various stylish and contemporary clothing collections. Let us know more about the website and move forward to know how legit it is through Teegest Reviews.

Is Teegest Clothing Legit? 

After exploring the website to know about its legitimacy, we get to know that the site looks good and provides an ideal range of clothes that are a perfect fit for cloth shopping.

On the flip side, the shopping site has some cons like no contact number, bad reviews, and one star out of five. Thus, the site is not legit. Hence, this solves – Is Teegest Clothing Legit?

What is 

Simply put, it is an online store that is available for providing a vast range of clothing and other related accessories for ladies and girls. The products’ price is too affordable, and the quality is top-notch, which is suitable for buyers. In addition to this, the site has some brilliant and pocket-friendly offers that are available for all women.All return and shipping policies mentioned on the site that makes shopping easy. Let us know more about the website through this review.

Specifications of the 

Some details about the website have given below.

  • The URL of the website is
  • A wide range of clothes are available on the site, such as the pink style, hallmark, clothing, and so on.
  • The shipping time takes around 15 to 25 days across the United States.
  • Social media handles are available on the website, such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Online payment modes are available online, including Maestro, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, and Visa.
  • It has an email address available on the shopping store that is
  • The website’s physical address is Meledo Company Limited, 31 Southampton Row, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC1B SHJ.
  • The return policy states to return the product within seven days of purchase unless they do not accept the return.
  • There is an offer to get three items and save around twelve percent.

What are the positive aspects of 

Here are some plus points of buying from this site to analyse Is Teegest Clothing Legit, as given below:

  • Easy to buy
  • Online payment options are available.
  • Discounted offers and coupons are available.
  • Worldwide delivery is available.
  • A wide variety of clothes are available.
  • Order now, and you can save 12% on the price.

What are the negative aspects of

Here are negatives about the buying from this site have given below.

  • No contact number available on the site.
  • Bad customer reviews.
  • The site is too recent, and it answers the question Is Teegest Clothing Legit.

What are the customer’s reviews about

We found many reviews from the web and get to know that the buyers are so disappointed with the site as there are some payment issues and the products are also not good.

Bottom Line

At the end of this review, we conclude that if the shopping site improves some cons of this site, it can gain people’s trust. So, the site is not legit based on the negative aspects related to the site.  

After getting into the question to know Is Teegest Clothing Legit, we get to know that the site is not trustworthy yet as it has many complaints acquired from the buyers. In addition to this, the site is not too old as per the shopping perspective.

Please write all your questions and doubts in the comment box below related to this review. We are delighted to help you.


  1. I will not buy anything online IF there is no contact number or physical address listed. I first call the contact number to verify if the company actually exists and verify their physical location.

  2. I purchased via pay pal one item about a week ago from Teegest. The money via credit card has been charged to my credit card but I cannot get info about my purchase. I was told that the item would be mailed to the proper address since there were problems with info I provided them. At this time, I have been unable to get additional info, such as when will it be shipped.

  3. I am absolutely furious and have registered complaints to both PayPal and Face Book. The next step will be American Express. They, Teegest got paid as soon as I placed the order and when I received the grey T-shirt with Christmas Truck / Tree motive it did not fit at all. The sleeves were so tight that I could not pull the shirt over my torso at all, so I was stuck looking like a fool. They patched the sleeves together at the bicep and shirt and sleeves were not matching an XL. I am actually not and XL but wanted that big, baggy look. So, when I looked for a return address I could not find one. The entire transaction is totally fraudulent and I am asking for the return address and my money back for the shirt. I say, shame on you for ripping off your customers, I will never ever order anything thru FB again!

  4. 7 days and no movement on my order. They gave me a tracking number but it hasn’t changed in 6 days. I saw an ad in the Riverside Press Enterprise and now I’m thinking they both don’t really care who gets what they have ordered.

  5. Ordered a sweatshirt and received some random cheap tshirt instead. After 2 months of emails they are offering me a $8 refund because “its too expensive for me to return the shirt back to China.” STAY AWAY!!!

  6. I ordered over a month ago and received Tracking info that hasn’t been updated since 11/13. I’ve sent 2 emails asking for status update since order still hasn’t been received but NO response. Do NOT order from this site. It’s too risky and frustrating.

  7. I ordered two items and when I filed a complaint with PayPal, the least expensive item was refunded, which then “resolved” my complaint. I went round and round with PayPal but as they required me to click on the transaction in question, each time I received an auto reply saying the complaint had been resolved. I have yet to see any refund of any kind. I think the whole thing is a scam and Teegest knows if they tell PayPal they will refund one item, this is how to work the system, even though they have no intention of refunding anything. So, end result: no merchandise and no refund. SCAM!

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