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Is Telfar Bags Scam {Aug} Read The Entire Review Now

Is Telfar Bags Scam Online Website Reviews

Read exclusive previews of to know Is Telfar Bags Scam? Also, learn the features of and customer feedback.

Did you know that only sells shopping bags? Hence, it did not categorize the bags. Only PayPal is offered as a mode of payment. However, customers can pay via master card, Amex, and discover using the PayPal website. Would you like to shop Telfar-bags online that support free Worldwide shipment?

Before you make a purchase, we recommend you to read reviews of to know Is Telfar Bags Scam?

Is Telfar-Bags Legit?

  • Telfar-Bags Creation: 28th July 2021 at 5:41:39.
  • Telfar-Bags Age: one year and eight days old.
  • Telfar-Bags Last updated on: 29th July 2022 at 7:03:34.
  • Telfar-Bags Expiry: 28th July 2023 at 5:41:39.
  • Telfar-Bags life expectancy: expires within eleven months and twenty-two days.
  • Trust Index: Telfar-Bags gained and average Trust Rank of 60%. Hence, is possibly legitimate.
  • Business Rank: Telfar-bags gained a terrible 27.8% business ranking.
  • Place of origin: Telfar-Bags CoO is unknown.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27%.
  • Threat Profile: 66%.
  • Phishing Score: 14%.
  • Malware Score: 66%.
  • Spam Score: 1%.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Telfar-Bags is not blacklisted.
  • Telfar Bags Reviews on Connection Security: Telfar-Bags uses an unsecured HTTP protocol.
  • SSL Status: IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 48 days.
  • Contact person: unspecified on Telfar-Bags.
  • Social relations: @telfarglobal is present on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with more than 1,414,100 followers.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact: Telfar-Bags used the services of to hide the details of its owners.


People around the world are obsessed with purchasing Telfar-bags. Customers believe that telfar-bags are more than a fashion accessory. Telfar-bags have great looks with simple designs.

Telfar-bags headquarter is based in Hong Kong; considered to check Is Telfar Bags Scam? It is committed to providing high-quality products, faster product delivery, an easy return process, and trendy bags. featured three types of bags in various colors and simple designs, including:

  1. Small shopping bags priced at $89.99
  2. Medium shopping bags priced at $139.99, and
  3. Large shopping bags are priced at $189.99.


  • Buy tools and utilities at:
  • Social media Links: not included on Telfar-Bags.
  • Price: between $89.99 to $189.99.
  • Physical Address: 1146 East Moreno Way, Placentia, California-92870, found to be unauthentic as maps show residential building.
  • Phone (or) WhatsApp number: only contact number is mentioned as (475)619-2870‬ on Telfar-Bags.
  • Email address:, accounted in Is Telfar Bags Scam reviews as it is not a business email.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: blogging is not supported on Telfar-Bags, but customer ratings are present.
  • Terms and Conditions: Mentioned but plagiarized on Telfar-Bags.
  • Privacy policy: Mentioned but plagiarized on Telfar-Bags.
  • Store locator: Telfar-Bags did not mention the address of the stores.
  • Delivery Policy: Telfar-Bags delivers standard orders within 12 days and expedited orders within 4 days.
  • Shipping Policy:  Telfar-Bags takes up to 3 days to process an order.
  • Tracking: orders can be traced from users’ account at
  • Cancellation Policy: unspecified on Telfar-Bags.
  • Return Policy: Telfar-Bags accepts returns within 30 days.
  • Restocking fee: unspecified on Telfar-bags, considered to check Is Telfar Bags Scam?
  • Refunds Policy: Telfar-Bags did not mention the mode and timeline of refunds.
  • Mode of Payment: via PayPal in US$ only.
  • Newsletters: not published by Telfar-Bags.
  • Help and FAQ: present on Telfar-Bags.


  • supports free Worldwide shipping to more than a hundred countries
  • Medium shopping from Telfar-bags has enough space for a laptop
  • Telfar-bags are unisex and available in both vibrant and formal colors


  • website did not include searching, filtering, and sorting options
  • Poor logic and inventory control as allows ordering infinite quantities
  • offers unrealistic 70% discounts on several bags

Customers Telfar Bags Reviews gained a poor Alexa rank of 7,603,219. More than 20 website reviews of and more than 50 videos and YouTube reviews suggest that it is a legitimate website.

No customer reviews and rating was present on user review sites, social media, and elsewhere on the internet. Hence, be cautious about PayPal scams as Telfar-Bags takes PayPal payments.

Each Telfar bag has 26 to 29 unrealistic reviews. All product reviews on are positive and rated 5-stars. Hence, such product reviews featured on are unreliable.

Conclusion: is possibly legitimate and answered Is Telfar Bags Scam. It achieved an average trust rank but terrible Alexa and business ranking. Hence, is only suggested for experienced internet users. It is also because scored high on the threat, malware, and suspicion profile. Further, it has a short life expectancy. Be Alert to Credit Card Scams as Telfar-Bags accepts Credit Card payments via PayPal.

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