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Is Texting Factory Legit (Feb 2022) Reviews for Btter Clarity.

Is Texting Factory Legit (Feb 2022) Reviews for Btter Clarity. >> In this article, you will come to know about the rightfulness of a website offering you the freelance job of working from home as a chat operator.

Are you looking for an easy part-time job? Do you wish to earn by working comfortably from your home? Are you checking out for a good-paying chat operator job? If so, then keep up with this reading. 

The worldwide lockdown condition due to Covid -19 has made people work from home to stay fit, avoiding any infection. Working from home’s comfort has now become very popular, and many job opportunities have come online. 

However, not all jobs seeming comfortable and well paid are legit as many scammers are looking out to rob of your details and money. 

A similar work from home job is coming to be popular among the people of the United States.

The Texting Factory website job requires 18 age chat operators to be fluent in English and promises to pay highly to them. Therefore, to uncover the truth behind it, we will let you know Is Texting Factory Legit?’. 

Is the Texting Factory website legit or a scam? 

To find out while people search ‘Is Texting Factory Legit?’, we checked it on various platforms. The website has hired many people due to its appealing job opportunity. 

However, some statements from people that mark the website’s website, ‘so be dissatisfaction. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Texting Factory website may not fulfill all its assertions. Similarly, it appears to be a scam source.  

What’s the Texting Factory website for? 

The Texting Factory website makes you enjoy the freedom of an online workplace by offering work from home as a text chat operator. The chat operators can work from two hours per week to full time as per their wish. 

The Texting Factory company attends to an international enrollment of clients consists of people working on an adult texting system based on fantasy. 

This strange recruitment procedure for the dubious purpose brings the question to people’ a mind Is Texting Factory Legit?‘. 

Being ‘a chat operator on the Texting Factory, you would be putting up a role within sensual and random chat conversations. Clients on the web choose who they want to chat with, and as a chat operator, you will have to act and talk as a person they want you to be.

What are the specifications of the Texting Factory website? 

  • To visit the Texting Factory website, click on the link https://textingfactory.com/
  • Website type – This website offers you the freelance job of working from home as a chat operator. 
  • The website does not show the presence of social media platforms. 
  • The domain name of the Texting Factory website is 1year 5 months old

What are the requirements to work on the Texting Factory website? 

While searching for the answer ‘Is Texting Factory Legit?’, we read ‘about the chat operator job requirements. We came to know about the following conditions to qualify:

  1.  One should be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  2.  Fluency in English is expected. 
  3. One needs an internet connection along with Pc.  

However, they don’t ask to do any experience. They teach you everything about the job by offering an overture via Skype, teaching you about the platform, and readying you for the independent work from home job. 

What are the positive remarks of the Texting Factory website? 

  • The website promises to keep your identity wholly protected by not giving out any personal information. 
  • The website offers people effortlessly to earn $200 – $400 a week, counting on your work.
  • Their support team is available 24/7 while you work. 

What are the negative remarks of the Texting Factory website?

  • The Texting factory website has many bad customer reviews. 
  • The website has a strange requirement procedure supporting adult fantasy chats. 
  • The Texting Factory website has a low trust rating. 

What are people saying about the Texting Factory website?

The people who have worked as a chat operator on the Texting Factory website have shared their experience of getting their accounts closed just before receiving their payment. 

Overall customer rating for the Texting Factory website is 2.1 out of 5 stars. Many people also commented on taking legal action against the company. 

Therefore, it is clear that generally, people don’t consider this website to be worth their time. 

Final verdict:

After rendering an in-depth investigation of the Texting Factory website, we can say that this website is partially legit as they offer jobs; however, there are many chances of being scammed and not receiving job satisfaction and payment. 

Accordingly, the answer to ‘Is Texting Factory Legit?’ appears to be negative. 

Dear Reader, share your viewpoints, queries, and experience of this website in the comment box. 

7 thoughts on “Is Texting Factory Legit (Feb 2022) Reviews for Btter Clarity.

  1. Texting factory uses bitsafe for payments but bitsafe does not ever pay. I suggest they wake up and change to bitcoin or paypal. And stop scamming people today

      1. They actually do pay. It is an online banking institution. However, if you are located outside of Europe the rates are very expensive in comparison to other banking institution. As for texting factory, they pay you per message and they make pay outs to bitsafe weekly. Great side income. The only issue is getting support is kind of difficult.

        1. Hi Jamie-le Sett, Hope that you have received your payments, so that it could be encouraging for others. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

          1. Bitsafe is good, they pay, and you have to use the Transfer Wise it’s cheaper, they don’t charge you high.

          2. Hi Rodel, That is a great piece of information. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

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