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Latest News Is the Keystone Pipeline Open

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Have you heard about the Keystone Pipeline controversy? Political protests can be fruitful and harmful for the public involved with them. How can a pipeline project cause muddle into the human lives affecting civil rights, environment, and health?

People residing in the United States are constantly waiting for politicians and the government to vote out a reliable solution. The Keystone XL Pipeline restoration has already waited for a long time. 

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About Keystone Pipeline

  • In 2008, the extension of the Keystone Pipeline was lodged by TransCanada energy. This idea was to mount a practice transporting the most useless fossil fuel called tar sands oil to the market.  
  • Since 2010, the Keystone XL Pipeline has continued to transport tar sands oil from Alberta to the middle hubs of the United States
  • Authorities estimated that the Pipeline would surely increase the capacity of “168 billion barrels” of tar sands oil collected in the boreal forest. 
  • Also, the 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast of Texas in one day.

Why Is the Keystone Pipeline Open trending?

In 2021, TC energy sent an email to the governing authorities, where they wrote, “in 2021, the Keystone XL Pipeline got terminated”. It has been listed that Mr.Barack Obama terminated the project to be claimed by Mr.Donald Trump. However, Mr.Joe Biden thoroughly dispatched the whole project. 

Many protests took place in the past and present; looking down to the situations, we can hope for future protests and problems. 

Climate change effects of Keystone XL Pipeline

Moving onto the history of Is the Keystone Pipeline Open. The later catastrophic climate impacts were completely unavoidable by the residents of that area. More mining would have also increased Greenhouse Gas emissions, as stated by the scientific reports. 

Tar sands are responsible for creating 17% more carbon than any other crude oil. After years of calculation, it counted 5-20% more than 17%. All this was being rude to the planet by burdening it more and pollution and emission of harmful gas. 

Since it resulted in much harm to the environment, a rally broke down, stating, “keep it in the ground”. 

President on Is the Keystone Pipeline Open

A campaign was going on when Joe Biden decided to cancel the permit to the Keystone XL Pipeline. This decision he took on the first day of his Presidency. The Pipeline got neglected and was treated in the worst possible ways.

Like the decline in oil prices, legal challenges, worst climate changes, and unhealthy administrative help. TC energy also announced to abandon the plans of building the Pipeline for a good cause. 

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Final Verdict

After going through enough discussion on Is the Keystone Pipeline Open, we concluded that the environment needs care too. For the good of nature, Humans should stop such practices that harm nature. 

Do you prefer living in a healthy and peaceful environment? Would you like to live in a place with modern practices after harming nature? Share your views in the comment section. 

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