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Is Usps Text Alerts Scam {Sep} Read More To Know


Is Usps Text Alerts Scam {Sep} Read More To Know -> Get to know about the latest scam involving USPS text alerts that ask users to click on a link.  

Are you curious about the latest phishing scheme targeting people all over the country? Read on to know about it. 

What is USPS text alerts scam? How do I protect myself from this scam? These are some of the questions that people are posting online. So, we decided to inform our readers about this scam. 

Over the last few weeks, a lot of people in the country reported receiving text alerts from USPS. People in the United States are reporting receiving messages that contain malware links. 

What is USPS Text Alerts Scam?

These text alerts contain a link that that can either direct the user to a scam site or download virus/malware to their device. 

Many people have received these text messages that notify them of the certain missing package. Alternatively, the message may just say that ‘this is regarding your USPS order’. In all cases, the text message is known to ask the user to proceed to a particular link.     

If you’re wondering, the answer to the question is USPS text alerts scam? Then, yes, it is a scam that targets mobile users.  

Who should know about it?

Authorities have reported that this scam is affecting everyone. It is wise for everyone to be aware of this phishing scheme in which cyber attackers are using the name of USPS (United States Postal Service). People are sharing info about this new scam on social media platforms to inform other smartphone users. 

How does it work?

The scam is known to target people using different reasons to make them click on a virus-laden link. The user receives a text message from USPS, saying that they’re facing difficulty delivering in delivering a package in their name. 

The text message asks the user to proceed to a website link to access full information. This link may either contain a questionnaire asking the user to fill in his or her personal details. Alternatively, clicking on the link may 

Things to note about USPS Text Alerts Scam:

  • The messages come in the form of a text alert. 
  • The text alert contains a tracking link. 
  • Authorities are warning people to avoid falling victim to this scam. 
  • The users can file an official complaint. 

Customer Feedback

We came across may online posts online tagged is USPS text alerts scam. This indicates that many people have been affected by this scam. People are reporting these scams involving USPS text alerts to authorities. 


People from various parts of the country have informed the authorities about these texts. Unfortunately, many people have already fallen prey to this phishing scheme. That is why authorities are asking users to maintain caution and inform others about this scam. Users can also can an official report and spread awareness among online users. Is USPS text alerts scam? Yes, and it is wise to avoid clicking on such links. 

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