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Is Watchingthatus.Com Scam Or Legit {Nov} Read Reviews!

Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit? In this post, you will find the accuracy and reliability of the Watchingthatus store. Kindly read.

Have you heard about the Watchingthatus store? It is one of the most popular stores that sell women’s clothing stuff. They have the best collection of women’s clothes from the United Kingdom and the United States visit this site to buy budget-friendly clothes. But, Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit? This question is common to strike your mind. But, without getting confused, you can read its legitimacy here. Please read the post. 

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Read Legitimacy of Watchingthatus Store!

  • Trust Rate: The Watchingthatus has a poor score. Only a 1 percent score is determined on this online website.
  • Registration Date: November 13, 2022, is the creation date of the Watchingthatus store. The site was registered ten days ago.
  • Registrar: The Watchingthatus store was registered via NameSilo, LLC
  • Expiry Date: November 13, 2023, is the expiry date of the Watchingthatus store.
  • Customer Reviews: Our team did not find any valuable Watchingthatus.com Reviews on the collection available on the official site. Online review sites are also deprived of reviews.
  • Missed Information: The telephone number and location details are missing from the outlet.
  • Links with Social Media: The shop does not have any links to social media sites. 
  • Data Security: The website has used a protective server to secure the data via HTTPS server. 

Overview of Watchingthatus!

The Watchingthatus is an online store where women can shop for daily wear clothing collections, and the shop also provides amazing summer dresses that you can wear to a party.

  • Long Boho like 
  • Motorcycle Leather Jacket for Women
  • V Neck long dress
  • Knitted Hoodies
  • Hoodie set with pants

Specifications determined in Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit!

  • URL: https://watchingthatus.com/
  • Email Id: watchingthatus@gmail.com
  • Address details: It is unavailable 
  • Phone Number: It is Unavailable 
  • Reviews: The collection of the Watchingthatus store is not reviewed on an online review site or official website.
  • Return Policy: The Watchingthatus store provides 14 days return policy.
  • Shipping Policy: One can expect delivery in 8-14 days. Fast delivery can be expected within 3-8 days. 
  • Check out Modes: Visa, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, etc. 

Positive Points

  • The email id is available.
  • Free delivery above $50. 
  • It offers 24/7 chat support.

Negative Points

  • No shopper’s feedback is available.
  • Social media links are unfound.

Watchingthatus.com Reviews

The online site does not look a good outlet as some factors make it a doubtful online shopping site. The most important factor that is missing in this layout is that the store does not have any customer feedback. Moreover, we have checked the feedback of this site online, but the store is not opinionated online. Furthermore, the store did not have any connection with social media sites. So, it is crystal clear that the website does not meet all the standards of legitimacy. So, the answer to the interrogation by the readers on Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit has clear answer that it is not a trustworthy site. The buyers can refer to this page to know the ways to avoid Credit Card Scamming


Summing up this post, we have learned that the store is newly founded. It was registered 10 days ago and had a poor count of trust. It got only a one percent trust score. The store seems to be dubious and the customer can check some latest updates on Leather Jacket here. If you want to secure bank credentials through PayPal Scammers, kindly check here for some useful tips.

What are your suggestions for the Watchingthatus store? Please let us know your thoughts below.

Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the Watchingthatus store offer?

Ans. This store offers women’s clothing stuff like motorcycle leather jackets, deep V-neck dresses, hoodie set with pants, boho long dress, etc. 

Q2. In how many days they deliver the goods?

Ans. 8-14 days.

Q3. How much is the lifespan of the Watchingthatus store?

Ans. The Watchingthatus store has a lifespan of only ten days. 

Q4. Does the Watchingthatus store has social connections?

Ans. The Watchingthatus store does not have any social media links. 

Q5. Is Watchingthatus.com Scam or Legit?

Ans. The website does not seem legit as there are no customer opinions and has a bad lifespan and trust score.

Q6. Did the customers share any feedback on their products?

Ans. No, the shoppers did not show interest in their collection and had not shared reviews 

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