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Is Wypil Scam {June} Check The Trustworthy Reviews!

Are you searching for Is Wypil Scam or not? Then read this blog post to find out. 

Are you finding a baby toy on the online store? Nowadays, even infants want to play on mobile phones, tablets and digital screens. Still, per a recent study by the United States paediatricians, it is incredibly crucial to find toys for your kids that help develop your baby’s motor skills. 

So, today we are introducing you to the e-store that offers kids’ toys. But, many people are asking, Is Wypil Scam? Let’s read below.

Is Wypil legit?

Under this section, we have enclosed all the required parameters to take care of while taking any call to action. Unfortunately, these days, many fraudsters are available on the internet that uses stolen data and copy exteriors to scam innocent buyers. Kindly pay attention to the following pointers. 

  • Domain launches to date- It has been noticed that the website’s domain was created recently on 07/05/2022. Hence, the domain name should be six months old to qualify for the authenticity criteria. 
  • Trust index score- The site is not fit for new users since its trust score is 2%.
  • Customer reviews – In the research, it was discovered that no Wypil Reviews were uploaded on the official portal, and neither comment is mentioned on the external links.
  • Social media connection- On the portal, no social media page links are mentioned; hence the site is not active on any popular social media platforms.
  • Domain expiration date- The site’s domain will expire after 07/05/2023.
  • Address validity- The mentioned company address is not valid; hence it does not take you to the actual location.
  • Copied content- On the portal, no information was found useful hence the content quality is weak.

According to the above description, it appears that the site is a bit shady, and people need to research further to find out Is Wypil Scam or an authentic portal. 

More information about Wypil

Will is an online brand that focuses on selling kids’ toys for their intellectual growth and development. Moreover, on the site’s homepage, only a single product is available: a fruit picker head basket. With the help of this product, kids can easily pluck fresh fruits without climbing trees. This product is highly convenient and suitable for farms, gardens, orchards, homes, etc. Additionally, you can pluck almost any fruit that grows on a tree.

In hindsight, we are not impressed with the website’s products and description. For this reason, we advise people to read further in this Is Wypil Scam post for more details.

Features of Wypil

  • Homepage link- https://wypil.com/   
  • Newsletter- Not mentioned 
  • Company address- 92 Adriatic Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33606, United States
  • Transportation cost- No shipping specified 
  • Payment method- Paypal 
  • Return and exchange- Takes up 30 days 
  • Domain creation date- 07/05/2022
  • Social media connections-  Unavailable 
  • Shipping period- Exact period is not specified 
  • Refund policy- Timings are not disclosed
  • Products- Baby toys 
  • Email address- contact@wypil.com
  • Telephone number- +1 (601)438-5852

These days many people are struggling to determine whether the website is trustworthy, as the internet is loaded with fraud portals. For this reason, in this Is Wypil Scam post, we have mentioned all the details. 

Advantages of buying from Wypil

  • The website has provided complete information related to its whereabouts.
  • Customers can freely post their personal information on the site; hence, its an SSL encrypted domain.

Disadvantages of buying from Wypil

  • No customer has shared their remarks on the official site.
  • The site’s domain was recently established.
  • Some of the important information is omitted from the portal.
  • It does not have any social media existence.
  • The exteriors of the website seem more like scam portals. 
  • The site contains only a single product. 

Customer’s Wypil Reviews

Indeed, if some shopper has already purchased from this portal, we can provide honest feedback to the readers. Still, unfortunately, as per the current analysis, it is discovered that no customer has purchased anything from this portal yet since no customer reviews have been published. Hence, shoppers must wait for some time. Find here if you are struggling to get your money back via paypal.


Multiple brands in the ecommerce market offer baby toys, but this online site seems highly suspicious since it has gained countless red flags. However, in this Is Wypil Scam post, we concluded that the site is untrustworthy and unsuitable for shopping. Therefore, if you need to get a claim for your lost money via credit card, then read here.

Do you want to share your feedback with us? Then share your remarks below. 

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