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Is Zara Fashion Co Legit (Sep 2021) Check Reviews Here!

Zara Fashion Co Online Website Reviews

Get information about a fraudulent website that offers products under $1 and by knowing Is Zara Fashion Co Legit or not, save yourself from being deceived.

What does fashion mean for you? In today’s world, dressing sense is a very important component for the first impression. Most people tend to judge you immediately by your clothes. That is why it is necessary to be dressed properly as per the occasion.

If you also believe that your fashion helps you portray your inner personality, you might consider visiting the United States-based Zara fashion Co. But before that, you should know Is Zara Fashion Co Legit or not.

Is This Website Trustworthy?

In order to determine the website’s legitimacy, we have carefully analyzed the following data

  • Registration Details: 11-09-2021
  • Domain Age: 16 days only
  • Address Legality: There is no address available
  • Contact Details: No contact details are given
  • Policy Details:
  • Payment Mode: Google pay and Credit Cards are accepted
  • Owners: Owners information is not available for this website
  • Plagiarism: A moderate amount of duplicate data is available on the website
  • Trust Score: 1%
  • Server Location: United States
  • Reviews: All the Zara Fashion Co Reviews are negative
  • Social Activity: We don’t find any social media link connected to the company.
  • Unrealistic Discounts: The products on the website has a price tag of $0.50, which is unbelievable

There is no doubt that this website is a scam. Its unrealistic price offerings, low trust score and missing details collectively indicate this fact.

Overview Of The Website

The Zara Fashion Co. is a women clothing brand that operates digitally. Please do not confuse it with the renowned fashion brand Zara, and there is a slight difference in the name which can be very easily skipped.

While looking for Is Zara Fashion Co Legit or not, we found out that this website offers apparel and accessories. But there is no other information available about this brand. Moreover, all the products of this site come under $1, which is very unreal.

Specific Details

  • Link Address:
  • Contact Number: Not given
  • Office Address: No details are found
  • Email Id: There is No email address
  • Shipping Methods: Standard and Express shipping are the two available methods.
  • Shipping Charges: Variable as per shipping method and address
  • Shipping Area: The website delivers international orders
  • Zara Fashion Co Reviews: There are only negative reviews about this shopping portal
  • Return Requests: The site shows the return period as 30 days
  • Return Method: It is not mentioned.
  • Return Cost: The brand will bear the return cost only if you have received a wrong or defective item.
  • Refund Terms: They promise a 100% refund
  • Cancellation Policy: There is no mention of it
  • Exchange: Nothing is available in this regard
  • Payment Options: You can make payments through Google Pay and credit cards
  • Social Media: The website does not have any active social media link and hence it doesn’t invalidate the question – Is Zara Fashion Co Legit?

List of Pros

  • The website provides details of all the product
  • There are size charts to guide the buyers
  • 30 days return policy is available
  • The e-commerce site promises to give a full refund in case of return

List of Cons

  • The return procedure is not clear
  • There are much mandatory data missing on the site
  • Cancellation and exchange policies are missing
  • Only two modes of payments are present
  • All the reviews are on the negative side
  • The price of the products are very suspicious

Is Zara Fashion Co Legit As Per Customer Reviews?

While we were trying to figure out the buyers’ reaction to this new shopping portal, we came to know that there is no reviews section available on the official site. This aspect increased our suspicion that it may turn you into a victim of Credit Card Fraud.

After digging further, we found a few reviews on the website’s Facebook Page, and all of them certify the E-commerce portal as a scam site. People have been deceived by this shopping portal. 

Final Verdict

Our research about Is Zara Fashion Co Legit revealed that the shopping portal is not at all trustworthy. Their price tag itself makes the scam prominent.

Moreover, buyers’ reviews clearly show that this fraudulent website has robbed them. That is why we would advise you to avoid the portal. You should also know how to Get Your Money-Back From paypal  Scammers.

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