Janice Dyson Net Worth (June 2021) Let Us Know Here!

Janice Dyson Net Worth 2021

Janice Dyson Net Worth (June 2021) Let Us Know Here! >> The article talks about the wife of the businessman, which surrounds her life and net worth.

The internet in the United Kingdom and the United States is thronged with news of John McAfee, with people wanting to know about his life and net worth. 

People woke up to the news of John McAfee’s death, which was housed in a prison cell in Spain and was waiting for his extradition.

He was married to Janice Dyson, and the internet is splurged with questions posed to know Janice Dyson Net Worth. So, we decided to run a quick sneak peek into the history and biography of John McAfee and Janice Dyson to bring our readers a detailed report on her net worth.

Who is Janice Dyson?

Janice Dyson was married to John McAfee in the year 2013. As per sources, they met in the year 2012 when subsequently saved from trafficking. Besides, after meeting McAfee, she got the chance to meet her son again, thereby giving her a second lease of life.

Furthermore, Janice Dyson is 37 years younger than McAfee; however, age hardly came between their love for each other. Thus, Janice Dyson Net Worth is trending on the internet, with citizens wanting to know more about their life.

Who was John McAfee?

John McAfee is a popular British-American businessman and programmer who also founded the McAfee Associates software company in 1987. However, he soon resigned from the company in 1994 which Intel purchased in the year 2011.

Other than a businessman, he was also a political activist. He was serving his imprisonment in a jail located in Spain. The trend of the news about Janice Dyson Net Worth has been doing rounds since the news of McAfee’s death was announced.

The businessman and computer programmer who founded the first commercial antivirus was found dead in prison in Spain on June 23, 2021. He was 75 years old and died by suicide soon after his extradition to the US.

About John McAfee’s life

Janice Dyson met John McAfee in 2013, soon after which they got married. Previous to this, he was married to one of his students and remarried Judy at 67, a flight attendant and yoga enthusiast.

Janice Dyson Net Worth

McAfee’s net worth was known to be $100 million in 2007, and as per sources, the total net worth of John McAfee before his death was $4 Million. After his death, the only claimant of the property is Janice Dyson, who was his present wife. But we have found from the sources that her present net worth is $ 1 million USD.

Final Conclusion

Janice Dyson was the third wife of McAfee after his previous two divorces. He was still married to Janice during his death, which makes her the nominee for his properties.

Thus, based on the information listed above and as per the sources, Janice Dyson Net Worth will be the same as John McAfee’s or at present it is $1 million USD. Read more about Janice Dyson here. 

What is your opinion about Janice Dyson and her relationship with John McAfee? Please do share your views with us in the comments box below.

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