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Jason Anderson Black Flag (May) Checkout Details!

Jason Anderson Black Flag (May) Checkout Details! >> This article gives information about a famous racer and his achievement along with an incident.

Are you a fan of Jason Anderson? Are you familiar with his races and achievements? Do you want to know what happens to him that he get Black Flagged? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, you have landed on the right article.

This article will tell you about the famous racer of the United States known as Jason Anderson and about his achievement in the racing world and the Jason Anderson Black Flag incident. So let’s get started. 

Who is Jason Anderson? 

Jason Anderson is an American Motocross racer who was born on February 17th 1993, in New Mexico. His nationality is American, and competes in many motocross competitions since 2011, like AMA Motocross Championship and supercross Championship and many more. 

He is also known as the “El Hombre” and won the AMA Championship and FIM World Champion in 2018. Jason Anderson was joined with the Suzuki, but he changed his team from Suzuki to KTM and now team up with Husqvarna Motorcycles. 

In 2016, there was an incident happened with Jason Anderson, which make him leave the tournament. We will discuss Jason Anderson Black Flag later in the article. So continue reading. Jason Anderson trained alongside many professional bikers like Marvin Musquin, Cooper Webb and many more. He started riding the bike at the age of seven and has 72 amateur wins. 

Achievements of Jason Anderson 

Jason Anderson is one of the best motocross riders with so many achievements and victory. So let’s take a look at his accomplishments throughout his journey as Motocross Rider. 

  • He won the 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship 450SX Championship.
  • In his career, he won 7 Monster Energy AMA supercross championship 450SX Championship. 
  • In 2016, he secured 3rd place in the AMA supercross championship. In the same year, the Jason Anderson Black Flag incident happened.
  • Currently, team up with the Husqvarna and ex-team member of famous teams like Suzuki and KTM.
  • He won the 2010 AMA Nicky Hayden Amateur Horizon Award 
  • In 2019, he scored 4th place in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship 450.
  • He started his AMA career in the year 2011. 
  • In his amateur year, he won 5 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championships. 

Now let’s know about the black flag incident, which costs Jason Anderson the 2016 AMA championship. 

Jason Anderson Black Flag incident 

In 2016, Jason Anderson suffered an injury during the race, which results in getting the black flag from the referee. In a Motocross game, getting a black flag means you have to stop racing and talk with the referee, and the referee decides whether the player is allowed to continue the race or not. 

Jason Anderson was representing team United States in 2016 and unfortunately suffered an accident which made him sit back from the final race. In that tournament, France took the win and won the championship. You can check this link for more details 


From the given information about Jason Anderson Black Flag incident and his achievement, we now know that Jason Anderson is a famous motocross racer with many accomplishments and will get more championships soon. 

If you are a fan of Jason Anderson, tell us your favourite race in the comment section.

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