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Jean Smart Wordle {May 2022} NYT Mini Crossword Hints!

Jean Smart Wordle has shared clues and answers for the 30th May NYT mini crossword with some facts about the game.

Are you a word game lover solving crosswords daily on the NYT platform? The New York Times has started a mini crossword that is getting popular in the United States among puzzle lovers. Some of the games on this platform are only for subscribers.

Gamers trying to solve this crossword for 30th May found a clue at number eight Emmy winning HBO show starring Jean Smart. To know more about these mini crossword clues and Solutions, keep reading Jean Smart Wordle till the end.

Mini Crossword on NYT:

The crossword for 30th May has five hints in across and five clues in down format. At each clue, a number is given, and the player should put an answer at a given number in across and down format. We list all the clues and some answers in each format to allow the player to solve it themselves with little help.

Five hints in Across for 30th mini crossword game:

  • Personal growth
  • Metallic mixture
  • How many times Minnesota twins have won the world series
  • Emmy winning HBO Show starring Jean Smart
  • Hurricanes center

Jean Smart Wordle Down Hints for 30th Crossword:

In mini crosswords, players need to find some answers to the clues in the beginning, which will help them solve the complete puzzle. Hints for solving the puzzle in Down format are listed below for crossword players.

  • Wash oneself
  • John ___ hall of fame
  • Girl who travel to wonderland
  • Fist that’s defeated by open palm in a game
  • Hair color changers

Players regularly solving word puzzles can complete the crossword with these given across and down hints. We have given solutions for some of the clues in the next section of Jean Smart Wordle for new puzzle solvers.

Solutions for Today NYT Mini crossword:

This mini crossword needs little different skills than Wordle and its clone as hints are from diverse fields. The clues above suggest that players with good awareness can solve the crossword with little effort.

  • 2 John ___ hall of fame – Elway
  • 3 Girl who travel to wonderland – Alice
  • 4 Fist that’s defeated by open palm in a game – Rock
  • 7 How many times Minnesota twins have won the world series – Twice
  • 8 Emmy winning HBO Show starring Jean Smart – Hacks

Jean Smart Wordle Facts about Mini Crossword:

This game is different from Wordle and its clones, and NYT has launched it to enhance the players’ experience on its platform. Some of the facts about this mini crossword are listed below.

  • This game was created by Rich Proulx and edited by Will Shortz
  • It is available in newspapers, apps and the NYT website.
  • It is a crossword puzzle with down and cross clues.
  • Mini Crossword can be played by anyone registered with NYT, and no subscription is needed for it. 
  • Joel Fagliano creates the daily puzzle.

Final verdict:

Jean Smart Wordle is not any word game as most netizens were searching for it on digital space. It’s an across clue number eight for 30th May NYT mini crossword,

and Hacks is the answer for this hint. Word gamers can share their thoughts on today’s mini crossword in the comment section.

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