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Please go through this composition to get complete information about Jerry West Lakers Coach, who played basketball in the past and also coached his team.

Are you a basketball fan? Do you admire the legendary basketball players of the yesteryears? Do you respect their gameplays? Are you also interested in collecting information about them? Then, please read this article without any delay to find the required information.

In today’s report, we have talked about a renowned sportsperson. Basketball fans from various parts of the globe, especially the United States, are keen on knowing more about the former player. Thus, please continue reading to know all about Jerry West Lakers Coach.

Who is Jerry West?

Jerry West is a former American player of basketball. Throughout his gaming career, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the teams under the NBA (National Basketball Association). 

Jerry West took birth in 1938 in West Virginia. After his brother’s death in the Korean War, he had a traumatic childhood. He became weak physically and emotionally and could not play freely like the other kids lest he got injured. 

However, he secretly practiced shooting baskets to his neighbor’s net. He developed his love for the sport at an early age, which led to Jerry West Lakers Coach in the future.  

He also portrayed his basketball skills in the school he attended. He became West Virginia Player of the Year during his school life for his record-breaking performances. Even in his college, Jerry West played numerous matches and scored high points. 

Achievements of Jerry West in Professional Basketball

Jerry West was selected in the Los Angeles Lakers per the 1960 draft. Although his teammates made fun of his origin and accent, they soon admired him for his talent. He had excellent control while defending the ball. He imparted his talent to youngsters later when he became Jerry West Lakers Coach later. 

Also, Jerry West could jump vertically to a height of 16 inches and perform brilliantly in basketball. He was meticulous and dedicated to his game. He was also known to display his magic at the last moments of the games. Therefore, he was also called Mr. Clutch, implying playing wonderfully in tight situations. 

Jerry West was the co-captain for his team when they won the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics. During 1964 and 1968, he was the lead player of the Los Angeles Lakers. Also, the Lakers won the NBA championship in 1971-72, to which Jerry West contributed significantly, despite injuries.

Jerry West Lakers Coach

Mr. Clutch played his last NBA season in 1973-74. After that, he coached the team from 1976 to 1979. The Lakers won 145 NBA matches under his guidance. The team also reached the playoffs in all these seasons. 

The Current TV Series

Recently, a TV series named Winning Time broadcast its first episode on HBO. The show is related to the journey and success of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jason Clarke, an Australian actor, is enacting Jerry West in the series. 


Due to the recent HBO series, people are searching more about Jerry West Lakers Coach on the Net. Indeed, he is worth knowing about, as Jerry West was an excellent player and dedicated coach. Basketball fans and fraternity remember his gaming skills even now. 

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