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Jet Body Board Reviews {July} Pick Trick Of Scam

Jet Body Board Reviews

Have you bought an electric surf online before? And how about trying a new electric surfboard?

Now check out the all-new Jet Body Board.

These days this product is demanded more in the United States. It is a new product, though we have come across many Jet Body Board Reviews online.


What is Jet Body Board?

Jet Body Board is an electric surfboard offered by 3ccase com. Having a unique product description as an electric surfboard is fun, where you do not wait for the wave and splash into adventure with this board and nothing to work until the battery lasts. Many would like to add in a carry list on the beachside holiday plan.

The jet surfboard has a history dating back to 1965. In the beginning, the design was originally made by a former engineer of a very significant aircraft industry. In this era of modernization and the will of humans to reach for more adventure, the water sports industry is booming market segmentation.

It is available in various vibrant designs and colors from the website. People of various age groups can select the best color according to their choices or the one that suits their personality. Moreover, such identical products are also very good movie props, great collectibles, and your new way to escape from regular work-life culture. In this article, we provide you a list of Bodyboard Surfboard 2020, to choose the best for your family and friends.

How safe are your hard-earned money? Is your money safe if you buy from this website? Is Jet Body Board Legit? 

I will like to show you more about this product in our Jet Body Board Reviews.

Specifications of Jet Body Board

  • The maximum speed of the Jet Body Board- 20 miles per hour
  • The average speed – 13 miles per hour
  • The maximum payload capacity of the Jet Body Board- up to 200 pounds
  • The ideal payload for maximum speed- less than 175 pounds
  • Operation in freshwater
  • Operation in saltwater
  • Hours of operation on fully charged battery– 3 to 5 hours
  • Time to fully charge the battery- approximately 1.5 hours
  • Colors of the product offered on the website- yellow, white. orange, green and pink
  • Special feature- on the low battery you can go 3miles per hour for 50 minutes
  • Guarantee of the product- risk-free ironclad 90 days guarantee
  • The return period of the product- within 60 days of purchase

Pros of Jet Body Board
  • It can bear a maximum payload of the Jet Body Board 200 pounds, which is very good.

  • The maximum speed of the product is 20 miles per hour.

  • The maximum speed of the product when the payload is almost 200 pounds range up to 13 miles per hour.

  • On a full charge, it can run for 3 hours to 5 hours, depending on the user’s use at high or low-speed settings and the payload of the user.

  • When the battery is very low, the user gets an extra 50 minutes of battery backup to return to the nearest shore or safe place at 3 miles per hour speed.

Cons of Jet Body Board
  • The battery can help the maximum run for 5 hours. On a day of heavy operation, it can be troublesome. It is not suitable for commercial purposes.

  • The battery takes 1.5 hours to charge, whereas quick charging technology is trending in the market.

  • The maximum payload is limited to 200 pounds only.

  • The material of the product is not specified. Everyone wants to be assured about the quality when they invest money.

  • Gasoline-powered surfboards can go faster and beyond, need no charging, and can be used for longer commercial operations, increasing reliability.

Is Jet Body Board Legit?

Is Jet Body Board Legit?  While checking the website of this product, some things are not just right. The material of the product is not specified. The detailed specification of motors, battery, and charger type are missing. 

The payment procedure pushes more towards only one method, and the support email id does not match with the brand or product name. That makes us more suspicious about it.

Nevertheless, there are many similar products in the market available at a reasonable rate. To help our customers, a few of Bodyboard Surfboard 2020 are discussed here.

Features Electric Surfboard for Adults YAMAHA Sea Scooter Electric Surfboard for Kids
Construction Manual as well as Automatic Control mode with 1 hour battery mileage 2 Level rotational speed control with waterproof construction Comes with multiple experience modes with rechargeable battery
Rider Profiles Best suited for Kids Suitable for recreational drivers and snorkeling enthusiast Suitable for beginners for beach leisure
Safety Performance  This Electric Bodyboard can be used as a rescue board in case of emergency Waterproof construction prevents accidental flooding Emergency buoyancy thrust to provide high safety measures
Surface Speed 5-10 Km/h Up to 4.8 Km/hour 5-15 Km/h
Dimensions Lightweight (70*64*23 CM) Lightweight board (6 kgs only) Weigh up to 15 Kgs (90*48*27 CM)

You can visit now to make a purchase for your loved ones right away. It comes with waterproof rating of IP68.

What are customers saying about Jet Body Board?

Even on the website, there are no customer reviews and the internet, specifically for this brand. That is a major turn off. 

Final Verdict

No detailed specifications are available; the customer reviews are absent. Keeping all collected research information, we conclude that Jet Body Board is not Legit.

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