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Jim Martin Boxing Trainer {Aug 2021} Surprising Facts!

Jim Martin Boxing Trainer {Aug 2021} Surprising Facts! >> Do you want to know how a powerful boxer was abused by her ex-husband? Then, read the article and check the details.

Are you aware that Jim Martin had put behind bars when he was found guilty of trying to kill his wife? Well, this news came out in 2010. However, Christy Martin has revealed how his husband abuses her, being a powerful boxer.

Viewing the struggles of Christy, her fans in the United States are curious to know the details of its personal and professional life. 

So, by sharing today’s content, we will throw light on exploring the information of Jim Martin Boxing Trainer.

Who is Jim Martin?

James V. Martin or Jim was a boxing trainer who worked in a gym and trained countless male fighters. He met Christy in Bristol, where she approaches to take training from him. On the first meet, he was annoyed by her and tried to scare her off by breaking her ribs in a sparring session. But Christy being a strong player, played well and shown her real skills. It was then, Jim agreed to train her.

They both married in 1992. However, the life of Christy took twists and turns as Jim used to abuse her emotionally, physically and mentally.

How Jim Martin Boxing Trainer attacked her wife?

Abusing someone on all backgrounds is more than attacking. But Jim being a heartless person attacked his wife on November 23, 2010. He stabbed her on the chest, side and down the leg and at last shoots her with the gun 3 to 4 times. Then, he left her in the bed alone for dying. 

When investigators investigate, they found that Jim took his brutal step because Christy revealed that she was gay and loved another woman. In contrast, Jim Martin Boxing Trainer described the incident in another way that can prove Christy guilty. According to him, his wife was aggressive and used to beat him. 

However, the truth was revealed out, and he was sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

Where is Jim Martin Now?

After the one week of the incident when Christy managed to survive, she gave the detailed testimony. Jim was first taken to Orlando Regional Medical Centre for stabbing himself, and later on, he was charged with attempted first-degree murder with deadly weapons.

Jim Martin Boxing Trainer is at the age of 77. He is imprisoned in Graceville Correctional Facility in Jackson Country. Moreover, as per the records and details shared with the public, he will remain there until the time of his release will arrive. It is expected to be on November 22, 2035. 

Deal With Devil – A New Documentary

The Deal with Devil is a new sports documentary released on the life of Christy Martin that describes all the struggles she has face while living with Jim. All the members in the film have tried to share a fair portrayal that grabs the audience’s attention and encourages them to know more about her personal life.


Jim Martin Boxing Trainer had put all the efforts to kill his wife, but luckily she survived and got fair justice. Though flashbacks of her past still hits her mind but all that made her strong to fight from them is her boxing.

What are your views about the action of Jim Martin? Comment and share with us.

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