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Jimdreami Com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Jimdreami Com Reviews

Jimdreami Com Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> This guide will help you find out more about an online marketplace offering customized products.

Are you falling for the recent fad of customized products? Let’s learn about Jimdreami Com Reviews for you to find out whether you can purchase customized products from the website or not.

Jimdreami Com is home to customized products with highly professional manufacturers and suppliers at your service. You can find a rich collection of personalized products to meet your sports, hobbies, passion, and career needs.

Jimdreami Com is a United Statesbased company and creates deals for its customers on request. The website has some fresh offerings. However, you have to find out whether Jimdreami Com Reviews is legit or not. Read on our guide to find out.

What is Jimdreami Com? is an eCommerce website with customized deals and offerings for customers. The site is home to a number of products, including a portable air conditioner to the outdoor TV screen and aromatherapy essentials.

If you cannot find a product of your choice, you can use the search module and find out your product. If you are unable to find a product, you can use the contact page and post your requirement. The company executives will reach out to you and help you find out the product that you desire for.

The company offers detailed information about a particular product, which helps customers know what they are going to buy. They can choose from among different categories of the same product.

Specifications of Jimdreami Com

Let’s understand the features of Jimdreami Com:

  • Website Type: Online Marketplace
  • Location: United States
  • Shipping Fees: Based on products
  • Shipping Time: Standard Shipping (12-16 Business Days), Express Shipping (7-12 Business Days), and VIP Shipping (3-7 Business Days)
  • Return and Refund: 45 Days Return Policy
  • Social Media Channels: NA
  • Payment Mode: PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, and American Express
  • Company Email:
  • Company Address: Not Provided

Pros of Buying from Jimdreami Com:

  • Customers can receive customized products, which they can use on their own or gift somebody.
  • There are deals and discounts on products, which makes it affordable for people to buy products.
  • The product information is very detailed. Customers can read about the features and specifications of products before buying it.
  • The company offers multiple payment options to customers.

Cons of Buying from Jimdreami Com:

  • The products are not arranged categorically, which turns off the buying experience.
  • Not many products are listed on the website.
  • The company is absent on social media platforms.
  • The company’s address is not mentioned on the site.
  • The prices mentioned on the website are too reasonable to be true.
  • Customer reviews are unavailable on the site.

Is Jimdreami Com Legit or Not?

As per our analysis of Jimdreami Com, the website is secured with an HTTPS connection for use. Besides this, it ensures complete data security of the buyers, which can be seen from the privacy policy, as mentioned on the website.

However, there are some of the points that create doubt regarding the authenticity of the website. For instance, there is no mention of where the company is located in the United States, which is very rare in an online company. Besides, the discount and deals offered by the website almost halve the actual price, which is yet another point that is hard to digest.

What are People Saying about Jimdreami Com?

One of the things that you should know about Jimdreami Com is that the website was launched only 26 days ago. As a result, there is a lack of customer reviews. It may be possible that the company has kept such low prices to attract customers. Still, it has not managed to receive the right amount of traction yet.

Since the duration is of less than a month, we cannot track any customer sentiments as of yet. It is advisable to wait for some time and customer sentiments to the surface to form an opinion about the website.

Final Verdict

Analyzing Jimdreami Com, we found that the website is relatively new. However, the lack of social media presence and company address are reasons enough to question the legitimacy of the website.

Even if we consider that the low prices are because the site is launched recently, it does not justify the real value of the products. The website design seems to be very basic, which offers a low shopping experience. All-in-all, you should avoid making your purchase from the website as it appears to be a scam.

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  1. Absolutly it is!!! Don´t even think about buying anything in that web!!!. I was scammed!!

    This have been my experience:

    A month ago I was accessing that website through received advertising and I saw an apparently interesting product. It was a model of “Back to the Future II DeLorean Time Machine”. There were two versions

    There were 2 versions available. the basic one (for about $ 50) and another, called “FLYING version” that supposedly had lights and a base where you could leave the model floating in the air (for $ 75,90). I chose this 2nd one.

    A few days ago I received my model and was able to verify that it was a bulgar toy (which can be found on Amazon for about $ 20-25).
    Also, the box was pretty damaged, but oddly the model was fine.

    Already suspecting that I was cheated, I accessed the web to attach a screenshot, but that product no longer existed in the web. I looked at the label that came on the received package, but there was only the description “Back to the future toy”

    I wrote to them to the mailbox in the confirmation mail they sent after the purchase, just in case.
    I received an apparently serious reply, asking me for photos of the model and the package label, telling me to don´t worry, they were going to solve the problem, so I sent those photos.

    Yesterday I received their final answer, telling me that “it was one of their top products and due to the good ratings it has, they could give me back 10% of the amount ($7) in compensation and if I didn’t like it, I could give it to someone as a gift or sell it”.

    please, dont be as stupid as I was… don´t buy anything in that web


  2. This is indeed a scam. I ordered a wall/stud/pipe/wire scanner from for at a total cost of over $48.00. They sent me a cheap stud finder that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot for around $7.00. They offered to give me a 10% refund instead of refunding my money or sending me the actual item I ordered. Stay away from these “buyeasyservice” folks. They are fraudulent.
    Fortunately, I paid with PayPal so I can get a refund from them.

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